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Challenges Everyone's a Goalscorer Challenge


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Credit for the original challenge goes to @BatiGoal.

The Everyone's a Goalscorer Challenge


Challenge - Score a minimum of at least 5 goals with every squad player (GKs excl.) to be eligible for a leaderboard mention. Do whatever it takes to accomplish this as long as every single outfield player in your squad - defenders, midfielders, forwards - each have been credited with 5gls or more at the end of your debut season. Your squad will have at least scored a combined total of 100 goals (=points) over the season. There's no min. or max. amount of defs-mids-fwds you must have in your squad, I leave that entirely up to you. All competitions go, except INT.

  • Score 5+ goals with 20 unique players


Rules - A squad must consist of no more and no less than 22 men; 2 GK + 20 outfield players of your choice. Pre-season transfers/loans are allowed as long as pre- and post-season squads are 100% identical. This rules out winter transfers, exception to this rule is when one of your 22 squad players suffers a season-ending injury (screenshot required) he may then be replaced by any other player. Also, it can be advantageous to start the challenge further into a career so in order to keep things level only first season entries are accepted. If you're sacked before the end of the season or one of your players fail to score 5 goals it's Game Over!

  • First season entries only
  • All nations and leagues allowed
  • 22-player squad (20 outfield + 2 GK) 
  • Summer transfers/loans are allowed
  • Winter transfers are NOT allowed, unless 6+ month injury
  • No to: Reloading/Holidaying/SD/IGE
  • Yes to: OME/EME/Coaching Badges



  • Transfers In / Out
  • Pre-challenge squad (gls) 
  • Post-challenge squad (gls)
  • Manager profile page 
  • Lengthy injury (if required)


Points - Goals in all competitions totalled (no INT)



2021 Leaderboard

1.  @Kanegan - 152 goals link


2019 Leaderboard

  1. 233pts - Mulambo - career link
  2. 185pts - Kanegan - career link
  3. 146pts - URz - career link
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6 minutes ago, hhooo said:

Youth players need to be included in the 22 man squad if they are going to get play time? I'll probably give this a shot sometime. Goals from all over the pitch a are much more interesting than funneling everything through 1-3 players! 

Yes, you can include any player but just don't use greyed out players. Apart from 2 GK's the rest 20 can play in any position.

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