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Career Kanegan'sGreatestHitsVol. II(Ronnie's Year ​❌​)


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With the abundance of challenges being posted here and even more attempts being made every day, i thought this is the best time to bring back another thread of mine which received much love last year:


It's time for Vol. II.



1. Everyone's a Goalscorer & One Season Defenderless by @Kanegan  ✔️

2. Chelsea Wonderkid Graduates by @Scratch ✔️

3. Badge 1 - Deadly Duo by @Rob ✔️

4. Badge 2 - The Last Dance by @Scratch ✔️

5. Badge 3 - Redknapping by @FuddledFox ✔️

6. Badge 4 - Three Wise Men by @Rob ✔️

7. The Percentage Game by @FuddledFox ✔️

8.  Badge 5 - Bruno's New Year Party by @RichD ✔️

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57 minutes ago, RichD said:

Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this years challenges, get them badges!

Thanks mate. The badges will definitely be a part of it.

44 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

Looking forward to this, btw your new PP looks dope

Thanks man. Finally channeling my inner fanboy and the real meaning of my name. 😁

30 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Excited to follow this! Last year one was great

Thanks mate. So good to know that.

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Welcome to my 1st career of this thread. For starters, i am tackling not one but two challenges:

Everyone's a goalscorer where i need to get 20 chosen outfield players of mine to a minimum of 5 goals


Defenderless where i get rid of all my defenders and play without them for a whole season.


This combination sounds crazy but i am willing to sink in the hope that i complete atleast one of the two: 😁


My chosen club is:



Wish me luck guys.

Edited by Kanegan
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Ok, so just thought of posting a half season update.

Firstly, transfers:




Sold all my defenders as required.




Brought in a host of players with shooting skills for helping me in the goalscorer challenge.


Final Squad for the Challenge


So, there you go, no defenders at all and the formation we are deploying:


Playing with a 0-3-2-1-4 with WB and a diamond formation in the middle and front 4.


Ligue 1


So, far so good with 3rd place in the league with 53 goals scored and 36 goals consumed in the first 19 games.

But our Champions League run was disappointing: 


We finished last, missing out on Europa League as well getting hammered almost every game except for our 1st match against Man Utd.

Trophee des Champions


We won our 1st trophy though with a win over our Classico rivals Olympique Marseille with three new scorers scoring the goals.


Goalscorer Challenge


Only 9 out of 20 crossed their mark. This screenshot was taken before the Trophee des Champions so that's why Afellay and Gueye is being shown
 It is actually showing 8 but Danilo Pereira had scored his 5 pretty early and it is not showing due to a bug. Here are the proofs:




Defenderless Challenge


Just holding on to a (+)ve goal difference.


The goalscorer challenge will be a close call. I will be back with the final update in a day.


Thanks for watching.

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1 hour ago, broodje kip said:

😂You gave me relief looking at the Champions League table. Great amount of goals scored though 

Thanks man. CL was a disaster but with that out of the way I can concentrate on domestic season. 

1 hour ago, RichD said:

Awesome going Kane, looks a mad tactic, I love it 😁

Thanks man. Hoping it doesn't get me the sack. 😁

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1 hour ago, George Traistă said:

The goalscoring challenge, looks like you will nail that one. Good luck! 

Thanks man. Hopefully I do although it will be close. 

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Ok so here comes the full season update:

Midway we were only on 9 players out of 20 achieving the 5 goal mark. It was a big struggle but we manage to do that by April:


Of course, as you know Danilo Pereira's tally is a bug as he had scored 5 goals pretty early:


His 4 goals are being shown as part of Porto.



We also won the Coupe de France which actually saved my job:



Final League Table:


We scored 117 goals in the league but conceded a mammoth 91 goals.


Tactics, Manager History & Profile



We manage to hold on to a (+)ve goal difference but the score is dismal.


Everyone's a Goalscorer Challenge - 152 goals

Defenderless Challenge - 30 points


It would have been better if i concentrated on both the challenges individually then i could have posted a better attempt but it feels good to get two challenges off the mark. 


Thanks for viewing. Will be back with my next challenge soon.

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Loads of goals scored mate and loads conceded, my kind of season🤣

Well done, looking forward to what you have in store next!

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10 hours ago, broodje kip said:

The amount of goals scored is great but as well as conceded 😂. I’d like to see you doing both challenge separately 

Thanks, will do that down the line.

9 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

91 goals conceded😂

Great job completing the goalscorer challenge!


8 hours ago, George Traistă said:

Well done! You just completed this challenge, twice, once 5 goals scored by every player and once in reverse, 5 goals conceded for every player 😂

Never realized that. Thanks for letting me know. 🤣

6 hours ago, RichD said:

Loads of goals scored mate and loads conceded, my kind of season🤣

Well done, looking forward to what you have in store next!

Cheers Rich.

5 hours ago, Rob said:

Well done Kane. You are going to be as busy as last year again by the looks of it!

Thanks Rob. Looks likely

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On 08/12/2020 at 23:22, Ian said:

A very interesting season with goals galore. Certainly entertaining for the neutral that’s for sure 😂

Two challenges completed though, well done.

Cheers Ian. 

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Haha, that's one way to get me to read this! 😄 I've had it open in a tab for several days now, I'm so behind on reading (well, and behind and work too). But the ping got me to come read it now (sorry work!). 

Great stuff with the defenderless challenge. I just want to get 1 at the back working, but I can't - so I can't imagine what it's like with no defenders! I'm guessing it's going to be harder this year. Also good work on the Everyone's a Goalscorer one too.

Hope you go well with the Chelsea one. I sort of want to try it again, but also want a long term career and also there will be a new badge coming soon... Need to take a month off or something! 😄

Edited by Scratch
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Ok, time to post the season update.

Transfers Out



Transfers In



Just 3 players brought in as the squad was pretty good anyways. Cancelo and Bernardeschi would be my two WB's while Savic would be my main AP, sharing the duties with Ziyech.




Except the FA Cup fiasco, we won everything.


Cup Runs



Palace surprised us in the FA Cup quarters as Benteke fired a brace in the extra time.


League Performance



Abraham missing out on the Golden Boot to Aguero while Havertz sharing the top assister spot along with Van de Beek. Not many goals scored as i would have liked.

LP + GD = 101 + 52 = 153





Werner led the way with 2 hattricks while Abraham and Havertz notched up a piece each.




We were lucky not to get any major injuries with only Pulisic out for 3 weeks.





Pulisic was the pick of the lot winning the North American and PL POTY and English Player's YPOTY with Werner notching up the CL Golden Boot.


Now for the main event:





















Challenge Summary



So, 313 points in total.  @Scratch, if you can add the score to the leaderboard mate.


Thanks for viewing. 

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