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Career Badge 01: Lagom finished season 1 with Kane & Son


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So after completing Badge 02 twice, it’s only right that I attempt Badge 01 before the third incarnation arrives. Outline below:



The main men, you all know Kane & Son, but just as important (hopefully) are the supporting cast, below are my transfers in and out, as well as how I hope to line up with my strongest XI:



Some more solid work in the transfer market, with an eye to the net spend as always. The positive is, I’m stronger in just about every area than I was before, for what I want to achieve, the downside being with so much transfer activity, my on field relationships are at rock bottom. Hopefully getting the team into winning ways and keeping the consistency will improve this.

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Cheers mate, I like to set up a little different to what I see from other people on here it seems. Some of the things I do probably seem counterintuitive when it comes to real football, but I find they work quite well when translated to FM.

Anyway, I know it’s early days, but this is promising:



My assistant takes care of the friendlies, so the game against Sheffield Utd is my first. Normal unless I’m Liverpool, I wouldn’t expect to be beating City away at this stage of the game.

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6 hours ago, hhooo said:

Calvert - Lewin as a backup inside forward for 55m is an interesting choice, but I'm with Rich, looking forward to seeing how that shape works out. 

Beating City is par for the course for Spurs, wait until you've had some real tests, like West Ham or Newcastle. 

Funny you should say that... 😂



Just an extremely happy coincidence that they happened to fall one after the other

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Half season update:

The league: 



More or less where I’d expected to be before I started, but a bit of a disappointment after my positive start. 




Almost a contribution per game for Son, which isn’t too shabby I suppose, but I’m finding it quite difficult to channel assists through him. I’m in the process of retraining him in an attempt to get him contributing from a different area.




Just over 1.5 contributions per game, in spite of missing a month of football. Not bad from the talisman. This was however taken 10 days before he suffered his second injury of the campaign, a 2 month layoff with a twisted ankle. Time for Calvert-Lewin to step up in his absence. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be either, as he was out for 6 weeks with a twisted ankle also. Gregoritsch would have to come in as replacement, and I’d need to rotate Son very carefully to ensure his fitness.


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End of Season 1 update:




Disappointed to not win the league, and to drop so many points along the way, but glad to see both Kane and Son in the TOTY,as well as some individual recognition for Kane.




A little cup success to diminish the league disappointment.




Again, really concerned at the number of goals leaked, will be hoping to shore that up for next season.

Anyway, the reason you’re really here...



74 goals, 33 assists.

Kane clearly suffering from a similar case of greedybastarditis to Luis Suarez in my Badge 02 challenge. It looks as if Son will be tasked with picking up the majority of the slack with assists, while Kane continues to rifle them in. 52 goals is a great total for Kane considering he missed just over 3 months through injury. If I can keep him fit, we should be on the board fairly early in the next campaign.


The best of the rest



Kane’s 3 month absence gave Gregoritsch a chance to step up, while with my change in tact with Son’s position means Calvert-Lewin is my first choice IF now that he is back to fitness. 

For anyone thinking of attempting this challenge, ensure that you pick everyone else in the team, the mascot, tea lady and pensioner fans as penalty takers before you choose Son.

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