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Challenges One Season Defenderless Challenge


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Full credit to @FuddledFox for this challenge.

The Strikerless challenge has been around for a couple of years now and has always proved popular so I decided it was about time it went the other way and we got rid of the defenders.

This is a one season challenge and really intended as a bit of fun to see how well or not anyone can do if they take the challenge on.

The Challenge

Club Choice: You may manage any team in any league/division that you want.

Transfers Out: You must sell every defender in the squad before the start of the season. So that is any player that is dark or light green in the following positions on the pitch RB, LB or CB. Other than that you may sell whoever else you wish in the squad.

Transfers In: You may buy whoever you wish but you must not buy any player who is either dark or light green in the defender roles.

Tactic: You may not use any players in the defender strata of the pitch at any point during the season so that is in the RB, LB or CB positions. The rest of the team may be laid out how you see best.

Points: Your points will be your goal difference at the end of the season in all competitions. If you are sacked you may still submit a score for the leaderboard but anyone who finishes a season will go above you even if there GD is worse.

Evidence: You will need to provide screenshots of your transfers in and out to prove you sold and didn’t buy any defenders as well as your formation you used and your manager profile to show your goal difference for the leaderboard. The best thing to do is to start a career thread on here so we can follow your progress.

Rules: The usual rules apply of no editing, standard DB , no unlockables and no reloading.

You must also do this challenge on a new save and in the first season so that it remains a level playing field for everyone who attempts it.



1.  @broodje kip - 106 points career

2.  @CaptMorg70 - 97 points career

3. @Lagom - 62 points

4. @Kanegan - 30 points career



Edited by Kanegan
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11 minutes ago, ScottishFMM said:

I assume this includes LWB/RWB too @Kanegan?

No it’s fine to play them as it’s just the defensive strata you can’t have any players.

You may not use any players in the defender strata of the pitch at any point during the season so that is in the RB, LB or CB positions

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25 minutes ago, ScottishFMM said:

This is HARD! Just been thumped 10-4 by Man United in a friendly😂

I didn’t design this challenge to be easy and I think lasting the season is the main challenge.

Thanks to @Kanegan for bring this back this year as I wasn’t going to bother as no one seemed interested this year. It will be great if it gets attempted a few times this year.

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9 hours ago, ScottishFMM said:

Realised I messed up and I’ll now need to start over as I bought a player that can play CB as a dark green😩



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