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Tactics 2-3-2-2-1 Thunder


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I am posting a tactic for the first time here. I am managing Nottingham Forest at the moment. I am now in my third season. After winning the championship the first season with a different tactic and see it go horribly wrong in the second season in the premier league. I started to develop this tactic. And managed at the end to finish 13th in the league. I just started the third season, but it is looking quite promising. I haven’t tested it with other clubs yet. So you’re welcome to do so.

About the tactic: before I like to play attacking, but I got a lot of goals against. So I changed it to Counter which seems to do the trick. Same as Offside trap I put it on no. Because on yes I seem to get more goals against.


This is setting for Corners that I use. My team scores a lot of goals from corners. Make sure your central defenders have good Aerial and Strength.


This how the season is going until now:

The two losses happened, because of having too many injuries.



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hey mate! i had a similar tactic last year with my fulham career, idk how much changed the game this year but if you like to play attacking try changing that rp to a deep lying playmaker and the defenders to bpd, that worked amazing for me past season, maybe you should try and share the results, very good tactic!

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I've played this tactic with Sunderland and managed to get to the premier league in 2 seasons, winnning the playoffs in league 1 and finishing second 1 point away from first in the championship and now i'm in the premier league. 

Key is good wing backs and good midfielders  a BWM or DM or DLP,  with good RP and AP in front of him

I play overload, wide, fast and balanced.

Defense: Balanced, own half, Normal. (Sometimes i play a high line if the team is ultra defensive 5-1-2-1-1 and so..

Great formation.

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