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Career Straighten the Tower


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Thanks @broodje kip🙂

@Ruvio4 the main reason for the IWB role is to avoid that he remains on the flank somehow disturbing the work of the AP or wing in front of him.

Anyway, as he sits narrower in the pitch, he often offers an extra pass option for the two midfilders. The results obviously depend on the skills. In my case Molina Lucero is not a top, so I use it mostly for the first reason. 

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It would have been not realistic to perform a second half of the season like the first one. 

Let's say the surprise effect slowly disappear, the limited choices affect the condition, and the enthusiastic approach is levelled on the long term. 

Therefore the goal became to resist and land on the best possible table place... 

Finally it meant at the last minute of the last week Europa League qualification! This was huge for a newly promoted club! The statistics support the theory:




Many players performed over their limits and we collected 3 players inside the Serie A team of the year:




No time to celebrate because this players have left on request or because someone pays the release fee. 

These clauses are not so high, therefore there is no space to rebuild the team. But I have bought in advance a bunch of promising young players and I will use them (I have a credit to spend after 4 years of successes). 

I decided to spend the not so big money on one profile I have tracked for a while... I need a reliable striker. I like him very much (also in real football) and I got it! 


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It's been a while since last time I made some storytelling about this career. Mostly because of the insane initial choice of only 1 nation that is no good at the european competition level.

But I have kept it as a beloved one, that boosted my badges acquisition and I wanna go on with the story... 

We are at 26/27 season, but we left at the arrive of Scamacca in 23/24 season. He revealed himself as a good striker when is used as a first team regular and supported by a good assist Man. Thanks to his services we established in top flight positions. Moreover we won our first trophy against Juventus, the italian cup 🏆🇮🇹


The season after we lost the first wave of regens to the advantage of the second one I had prevoiusly set up with loans and graduations. With this operations finance has grown up strong. But I continued to differentiate the investments much than spend on a single star. 

The 25/26 season started brilliantly achieving success in the italian super cup... I'm officially a black beast for Juve! In the Serie A we raised the level of points but Napoli was stronger and we finished 2nd again. The first experience in UCL terminated against Barca... 


Now, the 26/27 season begins and the target is the title. I have developed the club at the most and I have a right mix of players. Some are quite normal but incredibly important as presence (Mazzitelli has mentored nearly 10 players, teacher 🤓



The Group of latin wonderkids 


The born at club academy:




For the title chase I have modified my tactic a little to be more "vertical" 


These are the first months of the season, we are waiting for the 1st defeat, with no hurry 



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Something I noticed with the new tactic is that some (unprediclable) players have huge benefits from a change of position. Gaetano is an example: after some years as unexpressed talent as right or left inside forward/winger, the explosion as Trequartista 


His impact now is impressive:


Also Skov Olsen (one of my preferred players in the game❤️, a classy player) has raised his performances from right inside forward to deep lying forward


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No comment... 😱😭


We have lost a certain number of assists and goals for the second half of the season. It will be harder to mantain the top.


I have an agreement to sell Stengs (good player that found a little space because of Gaetano's explosion) maybe I can refuse the trasfer or search something on the january market 


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We advance through the season with positive results. The first defeat in Milan. That cycle was tough (Bayern, Roma, Inter, Milan). Screenshot_2021-11-16-00-36-38-541_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.cfa39f59d717c93cb35949aaa36b375b.jpg

We are in the middle of the January market. We will look for opportunities, in and out, but without any stress because no move is crucial. 

Slowly the market takes off... Our accademy product leaves home after 5 years, I doubled the value and promoted a next gen 


Some indirect benefits... (when you sell a very young player always consider to insert a sell-on percentage 😎


I am in excess of funds therefore (for now) I have rejected a monster offer for my second keeper (the one of U21 Brasil) 


Finally in the trasfer listed players I found someone who is desperate to leave, that can make the absence of Gaetano less significant... We wait only for the documentation from Spain to register the contract 😛




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Spring time has come. The period when you must fight for the targets to honour season expectations and get trophies.

Starting from the one we lost, the Coppa Italia. An heartbreaking victory in Naples after extra time. The same way Inter went through the finale on aggregate (won 1-0 the first leg) 



The UCL quarter final draw (first time Pisa reach it) is tough, we have to Fly to Bernabeu. 


No miracles. A good start with a disallowed gol. Real that capitalizes the good occasion and the second goal due to imbalance caused by our last forcing. 


The story is almost written. Afterward we will put all our efforts to defend our leading place in serie A against the comeback of Juventus. 


With titles or not I think I got the job done in Pisa and at the end of the season I will search a new challenge. 

According the career name, I could choose another italian (due to database) city famous for its tower 😉

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I planned to update the story at the end of the season but you have to see what happen when you have nothing to loose, when you bet on a mix between the ambition of the youngers and the international experience, when you pick the right forward choices 🤓 and finally when you insist on "your Man" because it's your Man! ❤️PEDRI❤️ 3 assist ❤️



The effect of the boosted self confidence lasts for several matches and out of form players find new motivations 



Next UCL draw (semifinal)...another Everest! 



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