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Tactics 2-2-3-1-2 tactic: Unbeaten season with mediocre team


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A first for me. I've had my success with tactics from the database last year. This year I decided to do my own tactic RTG.


An absolute wonder. In my 4th season I managed to win it all with a mediocre team. Feels good to be honest.


I happily share my tactics with you. The trequartista was by far the most important player. Coutinho scored 31 and assisted 8 in 38 games. His stand-in, Reinier, managed to get 8 goals and 6 assists in 11 games.

The trequartista needs to be behind the strikers. I also tried the trequartista between the two poachers, but for me it didn't work out.


Key attributes;

SK: Just regular GK, but +10 pace really helps

CD (man marker): Strength, tackling, aerial and pace

BPD: strength, aerial, passing

WB's: stamina, crossing

BBM: movement, pace, stamina and passing

BWM: tackling, pace. decisions

AP: train him to be a roaming playmaker, these are also key attributes

T: creativity, technique and dribbling (shooting +10 really helps)

P's: movement and shooting are the most important


Any more questions, feel free to ask!

1 Shape.PNG

2 defence.PNG

3 attack.PNG

4 squad.PNG

5 standings.PNG

6 results.PNG

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Nice setup there mate

Btw, u should change the prefix from chat to tactics so people can find them 👍 and if u want your tactics to be featured you can ask @FuddledFox to put it in tactics index 💪


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1 hour ago, Slough Master said:

Hi i am the guy from facebook post.

I am leaking lots of goal. Having a few loses also.....how to do to stablise the loses and leak goal?

Hm, difficult. I began this tactic with a normal GK, as he was really bad.

You could also have a look at the opposition tactics. Removing the man-marking cb in to a regular cb if the opposition plays with two strikers. 

What team are you playing with?


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