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Career Ian goes for Badge 03 - Redknapping


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Hello and welcome to my attempt at badge three of this years vibe badge of honour series. The challenge was created by @FuddledFox and can be found here.

For this challenge we are required to manage Portsmouth, more or less totally rebuild the first team squad and finish in the top two of League One.

I loaded things up and began the process of Redknapping and just about got the squad together in time for the start of the season. I felt at the time that we’d managed to slightly improve the squad but obviously couldn’t be sure until we got things underway.





I said in the challenge thread that I was going to go with a more balanced system and that’s what I did. I had a few ideas and in the end thought I’d try the new inverted winger role and the inverted wing back role in the defensive strata which was also a new feature. The idea was to hopefully dominate the central area of the pitch in attack without getting too exposed down the flanks in defence.



It went pretty well and I’d say it definitely has promise as we ran out comfortable winners of League One and also won the League Trophy but couldn’t get anywhere in the two bigger cup competitions. 






The strikers were the main goal threat with my first choice pair both getting around a goal a game returns which was pleasing. The inverted wingers generally moved central but much deeper than say an inside forward and weren’t as much of a goal threat in this system so an interesting role which I will be exploring further.



Here are the two main goal scorers who both had great seasons. The German lad really improved as the season went on but both had a poor spell towards the end of the season and as a result we dropped a few points but by then the league was wrapped up so didn’t matter. I had Harrison as a target man and the German as a poacher and the combo seemed to work pretty well.






Not the best managers profile with those awful looking attributes but can’t be helped I guess.





League Points: 121

Goal Difference: 83

Total: 204


Thank you for reading.

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19 hours ago, RichD said:

Awesome season and score Ian, I expected nothing less!

Thank you Richard, it went well and the system has some promise. 

18 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

Top quality score, well played.

Thank you Foxy, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was nice to try a different system as I seem to have been using 2-5 and whatever almost exclusively since middle of last year.

18 hours ago, hhooo said:

81 thousand people to watch the final of the papa John's trophy seems a bit suspect. The season itself is great though, well done! 

Thnak hhooo.

18 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

There’s been bigger crowds at that game.


Posting that may well annoy a certain someone on here 😂

18 hours ago, Rob said:

Well done 

Cheers Rob.

11 hours ago, Scratch said:

Great score Ian, that's massive. Going to take some topping... And those two lads look pretty good for L1! 

Thanks Scratch, the system seems decent although I do think the squad I built ended up being pretty strong.

I’ve still got the save from beginning of the season and the German guy did improve as you can see below the spoiler. There were a few others who improved quite a bit too and I never touched training other than retraining positions. I didn’t really get the injuries on this save either or the moaning about squad depth so a nice season all things considered. 







7 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Impressive score Ian

Thanks Danish. 

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