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Career Dai's "Badge 01" attempt. Kane & Son.


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I thought it was about time I started getting a few badges on my jumper. 🙂


The Challenge:


I'll be completely honest. This is probably the most frustrating thing I have done on this game. I finally completed it but on my 5th attempt. I found it so difficult to come up with a tactic to get two players both goals and assists. I'm decent at creating tactics for the Triple Crown challenges but this was painful for me. That, on top of either Kane or Son picking up 12 month injuries I almost gave up completely. BUT, I'm happy to say, I battered on and finished it. And here it is....


Season 1:



The Spurs squad is very good. Good players and plenty of depth. The system I used needed a few changes in personnel. 





Found it difficult to beat Man City and Liverpool through this entire save. Liverpool beat me in the Carabao Cup and City in the FA Cup. Managed to win the Euro Cup though, which was nice. 😁


As for the League. We were level with Liverpool going into the final match. They played Fulham, at home. We played Wolves, away. They won 1-0. We won 3-0, resulting in us winning the League by the smallest of goal difference. 😁


The Lads:



Goals; 82

Assists; 58

Satisfactory score.


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Season 2:


Made a few additions to the squad. Mainly adding quality. I used players that really didn't perform but held quite a high value still to broker deals. Lo Celso, Parrott and Hojbjerg being the main ones.





Won everything the Carabao Cup. Liverpool beat us, again. 😑 Enjoyed this season more. It was as if the team took a year to adapt the the tactic and then it just clicked.


Won the League easily. Scoring goals for fun. Conceded a few too many but that doesn't matter in this challenge. 😁


The Lads:




Goals; 106

Assists; 42


Goals; 188

Assists: 100



I'm happy with that considering how head-melting i found it before coming up with a tactic to use.




Thanks for reading 😁

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Well done mate, great couple of seasons there, I found this one all about tactic, I got lucky, one of my tactics from last year suited this to a t!

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