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Challenges The Goals per Game Challenge


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Made by @FuddledFox


The Goals per Game Challenge



Goals are the absolute be all and end all of football, it doesn’t really matter how they go in or who scores them just so long as you score more than your opponent. This is pretty obvious stuff but it seems at times it’s forgotten as people bang on about “philosophies”, “tactics” and “patterns of play” as although these things are important it doesn’t really matter if a goal is scored after 20 passes and intricate one twos or from a huge punt forward by the goalkeeper or a long throw.


As the name suggests this challenge is all about scoring as many GpG as you can.

As a bit of a benchmark I thought I would research some past record GpG achievements by football clubs and I thought I would find some crazy totals from footballs past but that wasn’t totally the case. These are three of the best I could find but there are many more examples although I have yet to find a higher total that Real Madrid’s at least in a major league.

If you click the year it will take you to the Wikipedia article about that season if you want more information.

Manchester City - 2011/12 - English Premier League: This is the EPL record as they scored 106 goals in 38 games which works out at 2.78 GpG. Which is very decent but it’s not the best in England or the world.

Peterborough Utd - 1960/61 - English Fourth Division: In this season The Posh smashed in 134 goals in 46 this is the record number of goals scored in the English professional leagues in history. This works out at an impressive 2.91 goals per game.

Racing Club Paris - 1959/60 - French First Division: The other clubs all won there leagues but RC Paris managed to somehow score 118 goals in 38 games at a rate of 3.10 GpG and still only manage to finish 3rd!

Real Madrid - 2011/12 - La Liga: Who would have thought that my research would yield a team managed by Jose Mourinho as the top scorers. This is a very underrated team though as it was always eclipsed by the achievements at the same time of Pep’s Barca team but Real not only beat them to the league title they out scored them as well with 121 goals in 38 game at a rate of 3.18 GpG.

Challenge Rules

Goal of the Challenge: The goal is simple and that is to score as many goals as possible in a single season in all competitions. You must also finish with a +GD in all competitions and if you are sacked at any point of the season the challenge is over and you score a 0.

Length of the Challenge: This is a one season challenge and it must be done in the first season of the game.

Team Selection: You can manage any team in any league that is available in the standard databases that come with the game.

Transfers: You can do as many or as few transfers in and out as you wish. You may not use the sugar daddy, no transfer window, no loan restrictions or any other unlockables though.

Leaderboard Score: Your score will simply be your goals scored per game rate which can be found in Manager Profile and then click View and Percentages.

So as an example if you score 122 goals in 60 games and you had a + GD as well your score would be 2.03GpG.

Proof: To be eligible for the leaderboard you must post proof that you followed the rules and of your score. This is best done as a career thread with screenshots of your transfers, some player profiles (eg top scorer) and manager profile at the very least.

Rules: You must use a vanilla DB with no edits at all, no IGE or PGE, no unlockables although coaching badge and reputation can be whatever you wish, no reloading or cheating in any way.




@RichD - Chelsea - 4.38 GpG - Career

@RichD - Celtic - 3.85 GpG - Career

@Ian - Real Madrid - 3.78 - Career

@billy2shots - Real Madrid - 3.76 - Career

@Rob - Barcelona - 3.66 GpG - Career

@Titjes - Liverpool - 3.62 GpG - Career



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10 hours ago, Ian said:

My first entry to this leaderboard.

Real Madrid: 3.78 GPG



From here.

Thank you.




Makes my 3.76 look positively boring. 




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