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Challenges The Percentage Game


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The Percentage Game

We have plenty of goal scoring challenges here on Vibe that involve getting players to score as many goals as possible. This challenge is a bit of a twist on that concept as the as the idea is to get a player to score plenty of goals with the aim of him scoring the vast majority of a teams goals over two or five seasons.

This is a simple concept so after 2 seasons you need to total up how many goals your chosen player has scored for your team in all competitions and how many goals your team as a whole have scored and work out the % of those goals your player scored.

So for example.

Over the 2 seasons your player scores 100 goals and the team scores 200 goals then your player scored 50% of the teams goals and that is his score for the leaderboard.

If like me you can’t do the maths then the second calculator on this webpage will do the brain work for you.



  • Team Choice: You can manage any team in any league available in the vanilla database of the game.
  • Player Choice: You can use any player you wish and he can play any position on the pitch you want.
  • Transfers: Do what you want.
  • Challenge Duration: This is a 2 or 5 season challenge and you can be eligible for both leaderboards in the same save.
  • Leaderboard Points: This is the % of your teams goals in all competitions your player scores.
  • Database: You can use the original DB or winter update but no edited databases.
  • Unlockables: You can not use any unlockables unless earn’t in the save except for coaching badge and manager reputation.
  • Other Rules: No cheating, this includes editing of any kind, reloading to avoid injuries etc.
  • Proof: You need to provide screenshots as proof. This includes player profile and history pages and manager history. The best thing to do is start a career thread for us all to follow.

Any questions then just ask.


Please note that I won’t accept entries from careers started before I posted this challenge. This is because the point of this challenge is to make you think about the game and tactics in a different way and not just another place to get a name on a leaderboard. This means if you just pull out a few screenshots from a save that wasn’t started for this challenge it isn’t exactly in the spirit of the challenge. I am very happy for you to use this challenge as part of a multi challenge career though such as a 1kc.

Remember you can use this website to calculate your score: https://percentagecalculator.net/

Two Season Leaderboard 


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1 minute ago, Jsavfc said:

Silly question but where can you see goals scored in all Comps? I'm sure manager history just says league goals doesn't it? 

Manager profile mate, you can see there😁

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