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Chat Anybody playing this on a new M1 MacBook?

Warm Onger

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If you are playing this on mobile on an iPhone, you should be able to play this on a new M1 Apple laptop as well, as the M1 laptops allow you to run iOS apps.


The developer of the app can make the app available for M1 Macs, or you can do some mild trickery to upload it from your iOS device to your MacOS device.  This feature can cause some trouble if the developer wasn't really thinking of a non-touch interface, so it doesn't always work right.


Here's some info: https://www.theverge.com/2020/11/18/21574207/how-to-install-run-any-iphone-ipad-app-m1-mac


My question is this:  is anyone running FMM21 on a MacBook with the new M1 processor?  If so, how is it?



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Are you talking about like an emulator running it on your laptop ? Wonder how the visuals would work if it’s FMM not other versions made for PC FMTouch or full Fm. Wonder if you could do more editing / mods for FMM if it’s all on laptop ? 
I do get the same urge to see if can play on my laptop but it’s not a Mac and previously when I looked around got same answer just buy FMT touch version as it’s made for PCs but not as involved as FM full version but also has 3-D match engine and more than FMM does. I just never took the jump as I know FM I don’t have enough time for and don’t really wanna spend more cash on another version if it’s very similar and not worth extra cash. I do know this year if you don’t like all the morale, relationships, dynamics stuff they didn’t include that in the FMTouch version so that would be my main reason to switch . Interested to see how it goes with your idea 

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Not emulation, actually running the FMM iOS app in macOS.


Apple recently built their own cpu's (called the M1) that is based on the same spec as the iPhone's cpu.  I won't pretend to understand the technical details but the summary version is that iOS apps can run directly on MacOS, but only those with the M1 processor.  (Currently the M1 is in the entry-level MacBook Air, the entry-level MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini.)


(Also, this M1 chip is a beast - it's killing Intel pound for pound so to speak. But that's not relevant to FMM I don't think.)


My M1 MacBook Air is on backorder so I will try to run FMM when it gets here, but I wanted to see if anyone else had done it first.

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