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Chat Why korean on copa america cup?


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It’s just to fill in the remaining gaps in the copa America, so there it’s a 12 team tournament, but only 10 South American teams, they were going to do it 16 and have 3  North American teams and 3 Asian but decided just to do 2 extra.

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The Copa America have a couple of invited teams to each tournament to make up the numbers as there is only 10 teams otherwise. 

From Wikipedia.

Since 1993, the tournament has generally featured 12 teams – all 10 CONMEBOL teams and two additional teams from other confederations. Mexico participated in every tournament between 1993 and 2016, with one additional team drawn from CONCACAF, except for 1999, when AFC team Japan filled out the 12-team roster, and 2019, which featured Japan and Qatar.

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Invited teams every edition ranges between 2 or 6 if they have normal 12 or 16 like they did for Centenario in the USA.  Also many teams that are invited have declined to play for various reasons but mostly for availability of players being released by clubs or players not wanting to end holiday. The real setup for 2021 the invited teams should be Qatar & Australia not South Korea . Who is the invited team from Group A? 

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