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Career Badge 02 - “Last Dance”


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Hi there, this is my first ever post and challenge to do on FM21 as it seemed a really fun one to do! I took on the challenge “Last dance”. As you all know Barca start of with a good amount of money so I invested in these players... They all worked really well, very happy with them.

Big Issue! I had a load of injuries during this challenge biggest injury coming to Neymar who was out for 2 months! (Messi and Suarez had niggles here and there).

Heres the stats for the season I won everything possible and the players stats were;

                   Goals.        Assists

Messi.           57.               32.  
Suarez.         39.               21. 
Neymar.        28.               22.  
Combined: 199

ill be trying to get all my other badges as well!

@Scratch can you please add this to the leaderboard?

A big thanks if you took your time to read this!





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