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Tactics Long shots, long passing, heading goals w very solid defense

Long Long

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[FMM21] I have this tactic which I tweaked it from few previous tactics in the forum and now it's working prefect for me. It's for anyone who likes traditional heading & crossing goals (4-50% of goals from heading and crossings] & long shots and long-passing, tactic itself is a muscular type with a very solid defense. Sure there are still game losses, but shots on target from opponents are usually just 2-3 shots per games. I tested it with Leicester, Wolves .. and small teams and it went pretty good

There are a few notes as below:

  • the IFs: IF right-wing left-footed, IF left-wing right-footed. I tested many times on the other leg, but it worsens attacking flow. High dribbling & pace are required, "cuts inside" if having is better.
  • DLF must have high aerial, pace is not really needed. The two IFs, if they have aerial ability - even better because of direct passing play. 
  • MCs: MC on the right must be right-footed, MC on the left must be left-footed. Same as above, I tested many times on the other leg, but attacking flows are worsen. General requirements are passing, creativity & movement, teamwork. If they can shoot, it's even better. Required trait is "tries killer balls often" - much better if having this one.
  • For choosing the MCs and the 3 FWs, players with correct foot mentioned above are must-have. players with good both legs are even better, or try having at least one green footed and one yellow footed. Players with good aerial are even better because of direct passing play
  • 2 CDs: if they have pace and can pass, you can try using BPD, if not using CD it's okay. But using BPD is better in attacking movement.
  • 2 FBs: right FB right-footed, left FB left-footed. better if good both legs
  • GK is important, try saving budget for a decent GK. SW or normal GK are both OK.
  • For corner, the right corner kicker must be left-footed, left corner kicker must be right-footed. 30% of the goals come from corner kicks & there will be lots of corners.
  • Finally, the morale of the whole team: the higher teamwork and leadership in the team, the better the team in general, so prioritize these two stats if possible.
  • During the game, in the second half, if you are losing or facing team trying to defense desperately, try changing the BBM to AP, change 2 FBs to WBs, 2 CDs to BPDs and then go overload, chance to changing the whole game is very high.
  • When winning, it depends on the game so that you can change the BBM to AP to have more goals. But in general when winning you must not turn back to defense 








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