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Poll Counter a 5221 formation?


How do you counter an opponent’s 5221 formation?  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. How do you counter an opponent’s 5221 formation?

    • Use my normal formation (4231 / 4141 / 433)
    • Use my normal formation (other)
    • Change to a high pressing (352 / variation of 352)
    • Change to another formation (other)
    • Other / depends / don’t know

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How do YOU setup against a 5221?

Playing in the English Premier League, often AI teams will use a 5221 formation against me - with 3CB, 2WB, 2MC, 2AMC and a ST.

Typically THEY have ~65% possession (vs then having 40-50% with other formations), crowding the centre with their passing options.

Annoyingly this also means my shots / chance creation is lower than against other formations, as I have less of the ball.

Recently I’ve been switching between keeping my normal 4231 formation (and trying to batter them in the first half) or instead changing to a 352 / 3412 (pressing high on the CB, WB and 2CM - to prevent the ball making its way to the oppositions front 3). Haven’t decided what is best.

What do YOU do and WHY do you do it? Am fascinated to see your votes & read your thoughts.

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I tend to go with my tactic, which I usually tweak depending on opposition front lines. In this instance you’d only need one central defender.

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I don’t tend to change tactic very often, but one thing I do is whenever the game starts I’ll check to see there strikers stats, if there slow I will push us up higher, if there fast I will either keep balanced or go deep.

I have also tweaked if they only have one player down the wings, sometimes I’ll play down the flanks, but don’t do it often. 

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I have to be honest here. I never in my whole FM life check anything like the opponents favourite formation, players attributes, etc.. A all that I do is to stay on the same tactic throughout or change it depending on my form after 8-10 games

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This happens in many leagues and yes - then they somehow get most of the possesion . Maybe one could choose Mourinhos counter version and see if they will go forward and make mistakes.

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Im just running 5-1-2-1-1 with target man in the front and counter mentality.

Its way too hard in spain first division with weekly marathon along with champion and euro cup.

If fail im just reload saves and do 

4-1-2-2-1 attacking 😂

Having so much defensive piece is good for me, at least 1 point of goal is worth to win the game

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11 hours ago, hhooo said:

This is one of the most popular AI formations this year, and it will play to some common weaknesses in popular 433 variants... 

11 hours ago, AndersJ said:

This happens in many leagues and yes - then they somehow get most of the possesion...

Exactly. Good to know that others have faced similar situations.

Wow. Am surprised at 11 votes for ‘use normal formation’ vs 4 votes for ‘change’ formations so far *

... It’s surprising as I make small tactical tweaks for most games (e.g. player roles, mentality, small shifts in formations), with bigger tactical changes for only some matches (e.g. change a 4241 to 352). However this means my seasons take much longer.

Is good to know that some / many others keep the same formation - maybe just with those small tweaks like @Rob and @RichD mentioned.

Thanks all for sharing. If you have more feedback / thoughts, please do share.

* note = though this isn’t that scientific, and adding votes may double-counting.

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Glad you asked this, I was hoping some people would have some ideas. 

In real life, Gary Neville (I think it was him) was saying how he always felt confident against wing backs when playing a 442, so I think I'm gonna try some variant of that for a few games.

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For me my normal formation is a 3412 with defensive wingers and for some part this seems to do the job pretty well. I do switch my team mentality somewhat but generally I do keep my mentality the same.

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