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Career Dai's "Badge 05" attempt. 🤮 There's something about Bruno


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A challenge that I was dreading. Having to use Man Utd. 😡🤮

The less said, the better.

The Challenge:





Plain and simple.











Goals: 45

Assists: 33

Score: 111




Whilst I'm not expecting to threaten the top of the leaderboard against you tactical geniuses on here I'm just satisfied that I never have to use the scum again. (Unless someone makes in compulsory for a badge 😡)

In all seriousness, I'm disappointed with the score as I feel I could have got so many more assists. My set-peice tactics have been unaffected by recent updates and I expected more. But, it's done. 👌



Thanks for checking this out. 👍

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4 minutes ago, RichD said:

Dai! You smashed that, I honestly think that’s going to be very hard to beat and a great benchmark for anyone to beat. You loved being Man Utd 😂

Not going to lie. I enjoyed using Bruno. He's a beast! Was looking forward to using Haaland too but he was quite disappointing.

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9 minutes ago, Dai_ said:

Not going to lie. I enjoyed using Bruno. He's a beast! Was looking forward to using Haaland too but he was quite disappointing.

I’ve used him a lot in my Augusta challenge and he’s such a beast on the game! Looking forward to having a go on this now😁

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42 minutes ago, Rob said:

What a score! 

It's not bad but seeing as assists are worth double I felt I could've got so much more out of him. I thought the answer was Haaland getting on the end of corners but that didn't happen as often as I would have liked. 

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