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Career Kane and Son - Albionic does badge one


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Welcome to my first ever attempt at a career! Apologies for any mistakes.

I thought the logical place to start would be badge 01 with Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son. Individual goalscoring has never been my strength, but these two score goals and assist for fun.

Here we go!


Season 1



Only one transfer in, as I quite liked Tottenham's squad to start with, and Williams was fantastic for me, and none of the players that we could afford massively improved the squad in my opinion.



The season didn't start well, losing to Rangers before the group stage 😬 , and the cup competitions didn't exactly go to plan, with an early season injury to Kane damaging our chances and limiting the amount of games. The league on the other hand didn't go too bad 😁  . But what about Kane and Son?




Kane put up amazing numbers, but our lack of games really limited how many goals he could score. He only suffered one small injury as well





Son was excellent also, but played even fewer games as he was as brittle as a prime micah richards


Overall Total

  Goals Assists
Kane 52 14
Son 21 25
Total 73 39


So we should complete the challenge especially with guaranteed champions league games next year, I am aiming for 120 at least next year.

Thanks for reading!

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Great season there mate, brilliant league campaign, unlucky with the champions league! Good total for the boys as well, I’m sure they’ll only get better next season, good luck 😁

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17 hours ago, RichD said:

Great season there mate, brilliant league campaign, unlucky with the champions league! Good total for the boys as well, I’m sure they’ll only get better next season, good luck 😁

Thank you, still a long way off your total though! I might actually need to buy some players to get through the champions league.

15 hours ago, Rob said:

Great start. Well done 


9 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Great numbers you got there. Good luck for season 2!


3 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Great start, good luck for the next season!

Thanks guys, let's hope they stay fit for season 2!

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On 04/01/2021 at 15:23, Ian said:

Nice opening season and well on your way to collecting the badge. Good luck next season.

Thanks man!

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Season 2

With a limited number of games last season, the deadly duo still produced a decent return. So how would they get on in a much longer season?




More transfers than last year, with only fringe players being sold and Onana was the pick of the bunch

We picked up some awards as well





Disappointed about the league cup, especially losing to villa of all teams 😬 , and the FA cup and Champions league were made harder due to some unfortunate events




Bit disappointed about Kane, played 13 more games but only scored 2 more goals and had 2 less assists. I think the ai had figured out my tactics by this season, and the transfers didn't help relationships.




Son performed about the same per game as last year, and a late injury significantly hurt our chances in the champions league, as I didn't really have a replacement. He got injured just as i was about to take him off as well 😡


Final Total

Kane Season 1 Season 2
Goals 52 54
Assists 14 12
Total 66 66
Son Season 1 Season 2
Goals 21 26
Assists 25 31
Total 46 57

Overall Total = 235

So Badge 01 is complete, and I am decently happy with the total, considering the most goals by a player i had got in a season before was around 40. But my tactic really slowed down in season 2, and the lack of games in season 1 cost me a few extra points.

Thanks for reading!



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