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Career Welcome To Goaltopia! (Ended)


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Welcome To Goaltopia!


Welcome to my first long-term career of the year, you can easily guess that the challenge I'm going to attempt here is the Goaltopia challenge where the idea is to get as many goals as possible from 2-4 players.

What I'm going to attempt here is to get as many goals as possible from 3 young Asians. Without further ado, let me bring you on a journey in Goaltopia!

The Club

I decided to start my Goaltopia journey in China, a league that you can easily get a lot of goals, cause the players I'm going to use here aren't the best wonderkids out there. As for the club, I have a few clubs on my list, among them are DL Pro which I completed my first 1KC at, Beijing Guoan which I have some great experience managing them in my Rogerio Ceni challenge, but at last I decided to go with a club I'm not that familiar with, which is Shanghai SIPG.


They have a rich finance just like most of the clubs in China, but most important thing is that they have Hulk, Oscar, Arnaotovic and a few more foreign players in the squad, which could be good mentors for my 3 Asians youngsters.

The Player

And next, is of course the most important part, the players. I'm playing the tactic I used in my previous Badge of Honours attempts, which have a Poacher and Inside Forward in front, and a Trequartista behind them who often get most of the goals. This is also the reason why I'm attempting the Goaltopia challenge instead of the Triple Threat, as I will be playing one of the 3 players in AMC position.

The first player is one from China, and is one that I have managed in 2 of my careers in FMM20. He's the player among the 3 that I'm more confident in. Introducing ... Tao Qianglong!


From Dalian Pro, the 19 years old winger from China did not have the best starting attributes but he turned into a quality player in my FMM 20 careers, and hopefully he can be as good as he is last year, or even better. He will be the FL playing as the Inside Forward among the 3 Asians.

Now on to player 2, I actually have no experience in managing him before, never even heard his name or came across him. He's actually not my first choice, I only choose him after failing to sign my initial pick due to work permit issues. Anyway, meet the assassin from Iraq, Mohanad Ali.


1 year older than Tao, but have some better starting attributes, he will be the ST playing as a Poacher among the 3.

Now, the last player is one that I'm most excited to manage. He's from my country Malaysia, although not the first Malaysian being included in the game, but he's the most promising Malaysian player in the game or even in the whole series. Meet the "Malaysian Messi" (hopefully 😂), Luqman Hakim.


He only joined mid season in the first season, as I failed to sign him in the first transfer window, due to work permit again. Had to bid multiple times to finally get him into the team. Some decent attributes when he joined the club, Luqman will be the AMC playing as a Trequartista. 

The Target

The minimum target for the Goaltopia challenge is to get 100 goals each from the players, but since the players selected are young and I'm playing in an easy league, I'm going to set my target as 1500 goals from the 3. It might be difficult but there's no challenge if the target is too easy to achieve right? 😅

Anyway, leave your comments on how you think the players will do and stay tuned for the first update coming very soon. Thanks for reading. 😄

Edited by Kun Aguero
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27 minutes ago, hhooo said:

You should have started with Chongqing, but I'm biased. Nice to see people doing these with lesser known players. Good luck!

Thanks! Tbh I'm not quite familiar with Chongqing (only see them as a club very easy to get goals against 😂), Shanghai had some really good players, especially Oscar who always had a high value and might provide some extra transfers fund once I decided not to use him anymore.

39 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Interesting player choices. Good luck!


25 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Nice choice of players mate, best of luck!

Thanks guys! I'm particularly excited to see how Luqman develop 🤞

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13 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

I'm particularly excited to see how Luqman develop 🤞

He got good technique which is going to make it easier for him to score in poor league like China. Also I see he gets a little upgrade there from his initial attributes 

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Thanks for the comments @Woody @Ian

Welcome To Goaltopia!

Season 1

Welcome to the first update of my Goaltopia challenge attempt, as in all goals challenges involving youngsters, Season 1 is more of a season for the kids to settle in and any goals from them can be seen as a bonus.






Just like my previous few careers in China, I always tend to replace the whole team with foreigners as the Chinese players are just not good at all. The 3 main guys in the challenge was brought in cheap. I brought in a few experienced players like Sels, Nastasic and Sidnei to strengthen the defense, as well as some loanees that are brought in in the second transfer window. 1 change I noticed this year is that due to the pandemic, the game starts less than a month before the start of the season, and that makes it slightly difficult to change the whole squad as the transfer window is short and most of the time you need to wait for the players to be granted their work permit, hence I started the season with still a few Chinese players in the first team. 




Without much surprise, we managed to win everything but I'm quite disappointed with the goals scored, hopefully we can improve that in the next season.










Hulk and Tao Qianglong won most of the awards, Hulk is still a beast at 34 years old and had been the best player of the season.





2 major injuries for the 3 youngsters this season, that may have something to do with no Prevention physio in the team. I spent too much and don't have the money to hire some new physios hence had to stick with the 2 Rehad physio they already have.

Tao Qianglong


Some improvements in attributes, have significantly more "blues" than how he started.


And a decent start for him, due to Luqman not joining the club till the 2nd window, Tao Qianglong played the first half of the season at the AMC position and that's when he get most of his goals.

Mohanad Ali


Being the oldest among the 3, he had the best attributes with more "blues" than "yellow". Had him training on his Aerial, but that didn't improve a bit.


Another 17 goals from him, not the best result but he get most of his goals near the end of the season, so that may be a sign that he's finally settled down in China.

Luqman Hakim


Not much improvement as he's injured for 3 months, his Stamina is poor so I guessed I will have to train him on that.


As mentioned before, he only arrived in the second transfer window and was injured for 3 months hence he only managed to play 13 games and scored almost 1 goal every 2 games, a promising start to be honest.

The Team




The few foreigners Hulk, Mooy and Oscar were the best players this season, with Hulk being my favorite this season.


He had some very impressive attributes at 34 years old, but unfortunately he won't be at the club next season since he won't sign a new contract.

That's all for the first season, things are going quite well as the kids are settled down, but that's an issue that worries me, both Ali and Luqman refused to learn Chinese. I don't know how that will affect the team, especially when most of the players will be foreigners in the next few seasons. I will like to hear from you guys how did the language issue affect the team or performance, and what did you usually do to fix that.

Tao Qianglong : 17/36

Mohanad Ali : 17/44

Luqman Hakim : 6/13

TOTAL : 40/1500

Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated. 😉



Just when I'm starting to worry on whether they can make the 1500 goals, this happened early next season, just 2 goals away from a triple hat-trick, let's hope that's a good sign! 🤞

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Yeah thats a decent start with those guys.

Unlucky with the injury and the short transfer window but you did manage to pull off some decent signings.

Keep it up 👍

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Good start there Kun! I’ve had that on my current save with not learning the language, it doesn’t affect things on the pitch from what I’ve noticed, so just ignore it 😂

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6 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Good start that. Lets hope the early sign is a good one 🤞

Thanks Sandwich, Luqman Hakim was better than what I expected in the next season!

34 minutes ago, Woody said:

Yeah thats a decent start with those guys.

Unlucky with the injury and the short transfer window but you did manage to pull off some decent signings.

Keep it up 👍

Thanks Woody, yeah I'm happy with the signings especially Nastasic, he'd been a very useful player in some of my saves, liked him irl since he's playing for City 😁

4 minutes ago, hhooo said:

Playing with a bunch of terrible local players is half the fun! And Hulk has really, uh, 'bulked up' in the past few years, let's say. 

I haven't noticed a big problem with someone learning the language, but maybe on a 10+ year save it might cause problems down the line. 

Good looking start to season 2!

Thanks! Hulk had been like a "hulk" for me this season 😂, still a beast at 34 years old!

1 minute ago, RichD said:

Good start there Kun! I’ve had that on my current save with not learning the language, it doesn’t affect things on the pitch from what I’ve noticed, so just ignore it 😂

Thanks, good to know that the language thing won't be an issue 👍

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Welcome To Goaltopia!

Season 2

We start the season with a superstar signing, Marco Reus joined the club to replace Hulk. He was named as Captain right after joining the club, hope he can be a good mentor for the 3 young kids.






Loads of signings this season, as almost all local player's contract ended and were all released. I believe Tao Qianglong and my 2 backup goalie are the only Chinese player in the team now. Biggest signing must have been Reus coming in to replace Hulk, though he's old and not as good as before, the standards of CSL should still be too weak for him. A few wonderkid signings as well including the Japanese wonderkid Pipi from Real and Mexican wonderkid Jose Juan Macias.




Won everything in Asia, but no luck in the CWC. We were grouped with Real Madrid in CWC, and no chance at all for us to go through Group Stage. Goals scored and goals conceded are much better than last season, while we are only 2 games away from a "perfect" season in the league.





2 major injuries for Mohanad Ali this season.








Lots of awards for the Trio this season, with Tao Qianglong winning most, while Luqman Hakim won the League Golden Boot.

Tao Qianglong


He improved a lot in terms of attributes this season, developing into a quality Inside Forward. 


2 more goals scored compare to last season, but a significantly higher assist tally.

Mohanad Ali


Some decent attributes there, with only 1 "yellow" now while Shooting went up to 15. I had gave up training on his Aerial now after no improvement last season.


Despite his injuries, he still managed to score 24 goals this season, 7 more than last season.

Luqman Hakim


15 for both his dribbling and pace, while his shooting improved a little as well.


And an impressive season from him, scoring 29 goals and 21 assists. Playing in the Trequartista role did gave him a lot of assist. He's definitely the best among the 3 this season.

Team Performance




Luqman Hakim was both Top Scorer and Top Playmaker this season, while Jose Juan Macias who played as ST while Ali's injured had a decent tally as well scoring almost 1 goal per game.


The player in the FL position never linked with any other player, which was most likely a bug since it happened as well in my other saves. Anyway the language issues did not affect anything as far as I'm concern. 

So Season 2 was a much better season compared with the first, as Luqman Hakim was brilliant in his first complete season here. 70 goals from the trio this season, and I'm hoping that they can hit 100 soon. 🤞

Tao Qianglong : 36/81

Mohanad Ali : 41/78

Luqman Hakim : 35/60

TOTAL : 112/1500

Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. 😁

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3 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Impressive score that. Impressed with Luqman so far


2 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

Great start and some cracking growth from all three players.


2 hours ago, RichD said:

Great start Kun, there started to look decent now, good luck with next season 😁


59 minutes ago, Ian said:

A nice start and the players do seem to be improving.

Thanks guys! The bad thing of them performing well is that there are a few offers coming from European clubs now, including a 30m bid from Newcastle for Tao Qianglong 😂, had to play the dirty trick by accepting the offer and then cancel the deal to prevent them being unhappy

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Welcome To Goaltopia!

Season 3

The journey of the 3 Asians kids in Goaltopia continue. We started the season strong with a huge win in the AFC Champions League, where the Trio scored 7 goals altogether. Always love playing ACL Group Stage games, especially against weak Thailand, Malaysia etc sides.






2 new midfielders brought in, including Leander Dendoncker who was one of my favorite since the last few versions of the game. Also brought in Ali Akman who was one of my Turkish TT last season to replace Macias, he seems to be better than in FMM 20, as I have seen him turning into one of the best young strikers in my other saves. 




Won everything with ease again, while finishing the league unbeaten, still 2 games away from a perfect season though. I'm glad with how good the team's defending is, only conceded 10 goals in the league.






Quite a few injuries from Tao Qianglong and Mohanad Ali this season. Lucky thing is Luqman Hakim who had the worst Stamina among the 3 had the "Very rarely injured" trait, he haven't been injured since the first season.



There's a few transfers offers coming in this season for Tao Qianglong and Mohanad Ali, including this 29.5m bid from Newcastle which I had to play the dirty trick by accepting the bid and cancelling the deal to keep him happy.


However, Tao Qianglong had started demanding a move to a bigger club. Morale haven't been affected yet, but I'm afraid that's only a matter of time.





It's Mohanad Ali winning the League Golden Boot this season.


And Tao Qianglong won his first Asian POTY, with both Mohanad Ali and Luqman Hakim also included in the Top 3. Huge achievement for them defeating Heung-Min Son (who's now playing for Barca) for the award.

Tao Qianglong


He's really developing into a quality winger now with Dribbling, Passing, Movement and Pace among the stand out attributes.


A far better season than the last one with 29 goals.

Mohanad Ali



Mohanad Ali improved on his numbers as well, scoring 28 goals and 12 assists this season.

Luqman Hakim


Almost no improvement in attributes compared to last season, I'm afraid he's close from being maxed out.


And the exact same number of goals from the "Malaysian Messi" with 29 goals and 18 assists.

Team Performance




Oscar was the main playmaker of the team, providing 22 assists mostly from corner.

So we ended Season 3 with 86 goals from the Trio, 14 more goals compared to the last season. However, Tao Qianglong had started to demand a move, and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep him.

Tao Qianglong : 65/121

Mohanad Ali : 69/117

Luqman Hakim : 64/108

TOTAL : 198/1500

Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. 😄

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Bloody Newcastle unsettling players by making actual bids for players, shows FMM is unrealistic 😂Well done though, great season, good return from the boys. It’s making me want to try managing in China this year for sure!

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28 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Great season again. He’s already “Malaysian Messi” 😂

Both short with good dribbling, he definitely is! 😂

27 minutes ago, RichD said:

Bloody Newcastle unsettling players by making actual bids for players, shows FMM is unrealistic 😂Well done though, great season, good return from the boys. It’s making me want to try managing in China this year for sure!

China is a good league for short goal-scoring challenges, but I won't recommend a long career here as it's super boring when you have a great team, I'm thinking about developing some academy players now to avoid it being too tedious 😂

20 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Doing great mate, let's hope you can keep the players 😉

Thanks! Guess that's the biggest challenge playing in a week league, Tao Qianglong is now demanding 500k a week which is higher than what Neymar and Mbappe is earning in the save 😂 Also just found that Oscar is the highest paid player in the save with 550k a week!

Edited by Kun Aguero
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