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Kun Aguero

Career Welcome To Goaltopia! (Season 6)

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· Posted (edited)
28 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Great season again. He’s already “Malaysian Messi” 😂

Both short with good dribbling, he definitely is! 😂

27 minutes ago, RichD said:

Bloody Newcastle unsettling players by making actual bids for players, shows FMM is unrealistic 😂Well done though, great season, good return from the boys. It’s making me want to try managing in China this year for sure!

China is a good league for short goal-scoring challenges, but I won't recommend a long career here as it's super boring when you have a great team, I'm thinking about developing some academy players now to avoid it being too tedious 😂

20 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Doing great mate, let's hope you can keep the players 😉

Thanks! Guess that's the biggest challenge playing in a week league, Tao Qianglong is now demanding 500k a week which is higher than what Neymar and Mbappe is earning in the save 😂 Also just found that Oscar is the highest paid player in the save with 550k a week!

Edited by Kun Aguero

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Welcome To Goaltopia!

Season 4

This wasn't out best season, as the first half of the season had been a total mess, with Tao Qianglong unhappy for almost the whole season, and the departure of our captain Nastasic which causes the team's lack of leadership. I forgot to take the screenshot, but the team's Work Rate had been graded F until I went on to clear some players with negative influence and bring in some players with good leadership. Not sure whether that affects how the team play, but I did get much lesser goals when the Work Rate was graded F.




A few big money selling this season with Cuisance, Pipi, Nianzou, Nastasic and Jorge all leaving the team. Was gutted to let Nastasic go, as he was the Vice Captain and was the Captain most of the time when Reus aren't playing.


So Bornauw, Hojbjerg and Stark were the few players with good leadership I brought in mid-season to fix the team's dynamic as mentioned before. Hojbjerg had been an excellent signing as he's the only player in the Team Leaders group. Luca Pellegrini signed to replace Jorge, and Martin Curtis was an Argentinean AMC/ST that looks like the regen of Tevez or Aguero.





Same old story, won everything, but wasn't that good in the league, having lost 2 games. The team's awful dynamic might be the reason here.







It's Tao Qianglong's year again, while the Trio dominated Asian POTY yet again.

Tao Qianglong


Not much improvement as he seems to be maxed out.


And an excellent season from Tao Qianglong, with 31 goals and 19 assists. The first among the 3 to hit in more than 30 goals a season.

Mohanad Ali



Luckily there's no serious injuries for Ali, but he didn't play too well, only manage to score 21 goals. He's very inconsistent, he can score 2 hat-tricks in a row and went without scoring any for 5 games.

Luqman Hakim


Some improvement in Stamina but is still bad, have to sub him off around 70th minutes every game to avoid any injury.


Less goals scored than last season, with only 21 goals but still good with his assists.

Team Performance




The RB Joakim Maehle had been excellent in taking corners, providing a total of 24 assists.

So the 4th season aren't as good as the last one, with the Trio only scoring 73 goals. Anyway, that brings the Trio's tally up to 271 goals, still a long way to go, but almost hitting 1/5 of my target.

Tao Qianglong : 96/165

Mohanad Ali : 90/163

Luqman Hakim : 85/153

TOTAL : 271/1500

Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. 😄

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15 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Goals dropped this season. Lets hope the mext one would be better


15 hours ago, RichD said:

Still not a bad season mate, I’m sure they’ll pick up again next season, good luck 😁

Thanks! Let's hope for the best 😁

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Welcome To Goaltopia!

Season 5

After a not quite successful season, this one is a season with quite a few injuries but we did have a successful journey in the FIFA Club World Championship. We started this one with a very first Gold youth player from the academy.



Here's how he look like at the beginning of the season, a very decent striker I must say. 




The Argentinean regen left us this season for only 15m, while Ali Akman left as well after 2 successful season as the backup striker.


Some huge signings here, including Koke and Miranda joining from Barcelona, but the best deal have to be Sandro Tonali joining for free! Don't know how long I can kept him, but he will indeed be an important signing.



We have the CWC again this seson.


Thanks to Al-Ahly surprising win over Man City, we are through to the next round despite losing against Man City.


A surprising win over Bayern in the Quarter Final.


Followed by another late win against Real Madrid in the Semis. I actually started a team with mostly substitution players since the players are all exhausted after the match against Bayern, but we surprisingly beat them to get into the Final.


The Final was an easy one, as we defeated Napoli to win our first CWC trophy.


Managed to win the other trophies as usual, but still 1 draw away from a perfect season.








This was a season with lots of injuries, mostly to Luqman Hakim and Mohanad Ali.







All 3 of them in the Asian POTY Top 3 again, with Tao Qianglong crowned the winner again.

Tao Qianglong


I managed to get him signing a new 5 years contract, but it only took 2 more months for him to ask for a big club move.


38 goals and 18 assists from Tao Qianglong this season. He's the best player among the 3 again this season.

Mohanad Ali



A season full of injuries for Mohanad Ali, and a poor season with only 18 goals.

Luqman Hakim


Finally some improvement in his Aerial and Stamina.


Not a good season for Luqman Hakim either, 20 goals and 9 assists from him.

Team Performance




Joakim Maehle was the Top Playmaker again this season with 20 assists, while Tao Qianglong wasn't far behind with 18 assists.


The youth graduate this season progressed really well, he already looks like a decent striker at 17 years old.

So this season was rather similar to the last one, with 76 goals scored by the Trio, only 3 more than the last season. Mohanad Ali and Luqman Hakim had been very inconsistent this season, while Tao Qianglong had been really good, scoring 38 goals. Anyway, all 3 of them had now scored more than 100 goals, which means that even if I failed to hit the 1500 goals target, I can at least have my name on the Goaltopia leaderboard. 

Tao Qianglong : 134/213

Mohanad Ali : 108/199

Luqman Hakim : 105/186

TOTAL : 347/1500

Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. 😄

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21 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Impressive mate good improvements from last season


21 hours ago, RichD said:

Good season mate and a nice improvement, hope things continue 😁


20 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Good improvement from last season. 

Thanks guys, Tao Qianglong and Luqman Hakim are doing well, but Mohanad Ali was a bit disappointing tbh

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Welcome To Goaltopia!

Season 6

Just a quick and brief update, as every season is pretty much the same now. As mentioned before, I will be focusing on the academy graduates and try to develop some local talents. Both the training and youth facilities are maxed out by now, and I'm hoping to get a few more quality players from the academy. The best so far had been the striker Luo Hanchuan from last season.

Here's the batch of youngsters from the academy this season, 4 silvers which include 2 GKs, 1 DMC and 1 AMC. The AMC looks decent and have the potential to be a backup player for Luqman Hakim in the near future.





Junzhe Lin who was graduated from our youth academy 2 seasons ago had been the first youth graduate sold to a European club. Hoping that's the first of many. 🤞


I'm actually surprised that Sergino Dest was willing to sign for us.




Another clean sweep season, while still 3 draws away from a "perfect" season. 





A couple of injuries to Mohanad Ali, he had been disappointing yet again.






4th consecutive Asian POTY for Tao Qianglong, but the other 2 of the Trio wasn't included in Top 3 this time.

Tao Qianglong



Great as always, but 7 goals fewer than last season.

Mohanad Ali



4 more goals scored than last season, but still very inconsistent.

Luqman Hakim



The Malaysian Messi back to his best form, 30 goals from him.

Team Performance




Marco Reus who had been the Captain since joining the club had now retired and is part of the Coaching team now.

So this had been a slightly better season than the last 2, 83 goals scored by the 3 but still 3 less from their best. They will soon reach their prime age, and I hope the numbers can start improving then.

Tao Qianglong : 165/262

Mohanad Ali : 130/241

Luqman Hakim : 135/234

TOTAL : 430/1500

Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated. 😄

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36 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Looking good. Their attributes look solid. Really hope they’ll be more consistent 

Thanks, the reason of their inconsistent may be that I play them almost every match without any rest and they always had that "Slightly tired" message on their profile

37 minutes ago, RichD said:

Good season that mate! I’m just so happy you signed Dest, one of my favourites from last year 🥰

Thanks! Haven't quite used Dest last year but have used him quite a few times this year (him and Max Aarons are the 2 RB I have used the most this year), I noticed that he always got transfer listed by Barcelona a few seasons in and make him quite easy to sign

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Looking promising, still 2/3 of the challenge to be done but also plenty of time. 

I'm just catching up now with this and few other careers, Augusta really took me away from the forum. 

Keep up, is nice to see careers outside big European leagues. 

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