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I finished last night, just need to submit now which will more than likely be tomorrow now. ‘Submit’ might be a good way of putting it actually 😂

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 Just sent mine across. Kinda disappointed with my overall score, felt I could of got more of the player. @Kanegan

Think you got this one mate I'm afraid


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13 minutes ago, samhardy said:

All the results are in!

Some very close and exciting matches this week. The results will be revealed tomorrow.

Was @Woodylast to submit? 

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13 minutes ago, George Traistă said:

2020 was a weird year and now 2021 is even weirder 😂

😂😂 boom

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On 06/01/2021 at 08:06, FuddledFox said:
Week 1 - A Legend is Born 

There has been plenty of chat so far but it’s time for the talking to stop and the action to start with the first challenge.

Just as a reminder here is the fixtures for week 1.



This Weeks Challenge


Back in November 2020 the world of football lost one of its most colourful characters and without doubt one of its greatest players Diego Maradona. 

He is obviously famous for leading Argentina to the World Cup in 1986, Napoli to Serie A glory and his exuberant off field “activities” but it all began in Argentina at Argentinos Juniors. He began his career at the Buenos Aires club playing his first professional game at the age of 15 in October 1976. Within minutes of coming on as a sub in the game he had “nutmegged” Juan Domingo Cabrera a moment captured in this photo.


He played for El Bicho a total of 167 times and scored 115 goals before he moved to Boca Juniors for $4m at the age of 19 in 1981 and the rest is history. The club has subsequently named there stadium after there greatest ever son.


The Challenge

You will be taking over at Argentinos Juniors in the Argentine Primera Division and finding a new Maradona to get you goals and assists.

  • You must manage Argentinos Juniors in Argentina’s top flight.
  • Your new Maradona must be Argentine as his first nationality and a teenager at the start of the save. If he turns 20 before the first competitive game of the season he cannot be used. He can already be at the club or you can buy him in but you cannot loan a player in.
  • You must play a full Argentine season. Argentina has two main competitions along with a cup and you must play both the league and the Superleague competitions. If in doubt play up to the change of season screen.
  • You can make any transfers in and out you wish including loans for players that aren’t your New Maradona.
  • Goals and assists in all competitions count towards your score but not friendlies.
  • Original DB only and you can load any other leagues alongside Argentina you wish.
  • No unlockables.
  • Coaching badge and reputation are allowed.
  • No editing, reloading or cheating in anyway.
  • No holidaying.
  • You can only play this challenge once and cannot restart at any point once you have begun.
  • If asked you must provide the save file and failure to do so will result in a 0 score and possible expulsion from the competition.
  • In the result of a tie the most wins will be used as the tiebreaker.
  • Have fun.



Points will be scored in the following ways.

1pt per goal scored by your New Maradona in all comps.

2pts per assist by your New Maradona in all comps.

3pts per win in all competitions.



Screenshots Required

You must provide the following screenshots to @samhardy in the PM thread you already have setup with him.

  • Your New Maradona’s attributes on the day of the first match of the season and then again at the end of the season.
  • Your New Maradona’s history at the end of the season.
  • League Tables from both Argentine league competitions.
  • The match in the cup you are eliminated or win the competition.
  • Manager profile.
  • Manager history.

DEADLINE: Tuesday 12th January 2020 @ 8pm UK Time

Good luck and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

Hey guys! Do you think we can add this one to the Badges of Honour? It looks like fun

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Vibe Premier League 2021, Week 1 Results

The time has arrived to reveal how everyone got on in week one. Let’s take a look at who has got off to a flyer and who has given themselves something to think about after the opening stanza.

I’m going for a slightly different style of results post this year so you can have a similar feel as what I got throughout the week on a result-by-result basis.

Here are a reminder of who was facing who.


Before I start you will remember that those knocked out of cups before starting their season will get the average number of points achieved from everyone else from those competitions added to their total as it would be completely unfair for them to get 0 from it as a result of AI bullshit. These average totals were 15 from the Copa Sudamericana and 11 from the Copa Argentina so keep that in mind as I go through the results.

The first two results to come in were those of @Aaron Thornton and @ScottishFMM both submitting the day after the challenge was out. Aaron chose Sebastián Ramirez as his “Maradona” whilst Scottish went for a striker in Elisio Vasquez. Both bagged a similar number of goals (24 + 27 respectively) but the assists hurt Scottish only bagging the 3 and since there were 2 points available for these that could prove very costly. Aaron managed 17 assists and 31 wins in all comps to give him an “unfinished” total of 136 and Scottish got to 105 thanks to 24 wins but will end with a higher total as he was knocked out of both cups beforehand.

  • Aaron Thornton - 136 (Copa Argentina points to be added)
  • ScottishFMM - 105 (Points from both cups to be added)

The next two to submit were @RichD and @broodje kip. Rich laid down a bit of a marker here with an impressive showing achieving 30 goals and 16 assists from Alan Velasco. Add two good cup runs to that total and his 39 wins would give him a very meaty total. Impressive total and straightaway it looks certain that he has done enough to beat Aaron this week, as good as it was though it wasn’t the best score of the week so keep an eye out for that later on.

Broodje then submitted and his score ended up heading an incredibly tight mid-table battle this week with just 11 points separating the 4th highest scorer and the 8th highest. He managed 32 wins in all comps and 19 assists from his player Facundo Torboda who also ripped the net 17 times. This all gave him a total of 151 but he didn’t compete in the Copa Argentina.

  • RichD - 179
  • broodje kip - 151 (Copa Argentina points to be added)
  • Aaron Thornton - 136 (Copa Argentina points to be added)
  • ScottishFMM - 105 (Points from both cups to be added)

What the results above confirm is that with a total splitting Rich and Aaron we have our first result of the week as Rich has got off to a winning start and 3 points on the board.

The next pair to take a look at are actually direct rivals this week in @Jsavfc and @Kanegan. Now I predicted a close battle between these two although what I didn’t expect was for it to be this close. It seems that Villa is developing a habit of getting involved in thrillers on vibe.

The player choices were a mirror of the first two results here as Villa chose Ramirez with Kane going for Vasquez and I think instead of rambling I will just let the results do the talking here.


Goals - 11
Assists - 13 (26)
Wins - 38 (114)
Total - 151


Goals - 34
Assists - 12 (24)
Wins - 31 (93)
Total - 151

Oh wow, dead level. A draw written all over it... You’d think anyway. This is the VPL and stranger things have happened. The tiebreaker for this challenge was total wins which favours Villa, he will finish higher in the weekly leaderboard and could still snatch a win which would be very cruel on Kane but at the end of the day the tie-breakers are there for a reason!

  • RichD - 179
  • Jsavfc - 151
  • Kanegan - 151
  • broodje kip - 151 (Copa Argentina points to be added)
  • Aaron Thornton - 136 (Copa Argentina points to be added)
  • ScottishFMM - 105 (Points from both cups to be added)

Everything was starting to get a bit exciting at this point as the next set of results came in belonging to defending champion 🏆 @Ian and @George Traistă. Both went with players already at the club in Franco Benitez and Lautoro Ovando respectively.

Ian said before the tournament that it might take him a while to get into his stride and there were signs of that in this performance although his total does look lower than what it actually is due to being out of both cups before starting. His player managed 13 in both goals and assists and 29 wins in all competitions. This meant his “running” total was 126 but will get better.

George put in a very good showing however on his first VPL start. Ovando smashed it with 22 goals and more importantly than that 23 assists giving him a very good base to work from. 33 wins in all competitions as well and you don’t need me to tell you that will work this week although it’s not certain that will be enough to beat Sandwich yet.

  • RichD - 179
  • George Traista - 167
  • Jsavfc - 151
  • Kanegan - 151
  • broodje kip - 151 (Copa Argentina points to be added)
  • Aaron Thornton - 136 (Copa Argentina points to be added)
  • Ian - 126 (Points from both cups to be added)
  • ScottishFMM - 105 (Points from both cups to be added)

It was just as well I was sitting down when the next result came in as it belonged to @Woody who wasn’t last for the first time in living memory. You will remember earlier on that I said Rich’s 179 wasn’t the highest score of the week, did it belong to Woody?


No, it didn’t, but this was still a solid performance from the only VPL ever-present. Woody was the second manager of the week to use Facundo Toborda who bagged 26 goals and 10 assists. Good numbers. Add 36 wins to that and this put Woody well and truly in the pack and in with a very good chance of getting a huge win over Ian in the first week.

So @smoggy90 was the last to submit this week and it was very much a case of leaving the best until last. Someone (me) called this before the event and Smog didn’t let me down. He used Bruno Guelfi who proved to be an inspired choice banging in 39 goals and securing 24 assists.

That puts him on 85 meaning to pip Rich to first place this week he needed 32 wins in all competitions and he managed 34 to give him a total of 187 which was surpassed by nobody this week. Smog takes the win over Scottish and secures the bonus point for highest score as well.


What that final result also confirmed was the average points for the cups and once they were added to everyone’s scores the other 3 results were confirmed. And unbelievably they were all draws! Fairly apt given the close nature of the scores this week but I doubt 3/5 draws in a week has happened before in this competition.

Final Scores

  • smoggy90 - 187
  • RichD - 179
  • George Traista - 167
  • broodje kip - 162
  • Woody - 154
  • Ian - 152
  • Jsavfc - 151*
  • Kanegan - 151
  • Aaron Thornton - 147
  • ScottishFMM - 131

*Ahead on tie-break (most wins)

Results, Week 1

@RichD 4-0 @Aaron Thornton

@ScottishFMM 0-4 @smoggy90

@broodje kip 3-3 @George Traistă

@Ian 2-2 @Woody

@Jsavfc 1-1 @Kanegan

So well done to Rich on his win and Smog for his bonus point win. Unfortunately Scottish as the lowest points scorer will be deducted a point but I think we are in for a good competition this year if the closeness of this week’s results are anything to go by.

Here is how the table looks early doors. If two people are level on points, this will be the tiebreaker:

  1. H2H record against each other. If that match was a draw, hasn’t been played or there is a tie involving three or more members then...
  2. Overall competition points.


Thanks to @FuddledFox aka “Gilgamesh” for the table.

See you tomorrow as we look ahead to week 2 with the next challenge being posted on Friday.

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I really believed I will go down in the table with my result as I have struggled on the defensive side on the first part of campaign. Even though is a tie, I'm satisfied as I was expecting a big L. 

Well done @broodje kip good and solid score.

Another thing that I'm thrilled to see, nobody used Ovando, a 17 years old wonderkid... for free

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Great write up @samhardy, it was a nice challenge for me off the back of the Bruno challenge as i used the same tactic and it worked just as well (not to the scale of Bruno obviously but good enough for an 18yr old Argentinian!).

Well played lads and look forward to the next one.

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6 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

What a round. Well done Rich and Smog for posting the highest scores. Great write up @samhardy.

Bring on Round 2.

Hope you do badly on this one 😂

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6 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Hope you do badly on this one 😂

Oh dear, I am facing the big cruel sandwich. Lord help me in this one. 


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21 hours ago, RichD said:

Great first week there! Well written Sam, enjoyed reading that. Well done all and I’ve got my revenge @Aaron Thornton😂

Nice score mate, you smashed it.  

I really struggled with this one. My pre-season prediction of 9th is holding true so far 😬


Great write up fellas excited for the next one. 

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In week 1 we saw @smoggy90 set the early pace much to the delight of the Parmo Army with @RichD only a point behind. Those two were the only ones to win though as we saw three draws meaning the table is still yet ti take shape. We see @ScottishFMM sitting bottom of the pile a point behind @Aaron Thornton but they still have plenty of time to stay in the competition.

This is the fixtures for week 2.



What you all want though is the odds so strap yourself in as here they come. 

@Kanegan v @broodje kip

These two lads started the event with draws and they will both be desperate to get that first win on the board as one defeat at this stage could see you entering the dreaded elimination zone. This match really is a toss of a coin though and it’s hard to separate them and the bookies have priced it up that way.

Kanegan: 10/11

Broodje Kip: 10/11


@Jsavfc v @ScottishFMM

This is a huge 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 v 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 clash and both sides will be looking to win this for themselves but also the pride of there nations. ScottishFMM started slowly last week with the worst score which lost him a point so he will be looking to get off the mark. Villa fared better as he drew Kanegan and he will be looking for a win to get up the table and he goes into this match as favourite.

Jsavfc: 4/9

ScottishFMM: 7/4

@George Traistă v @Ian

Ian began his defence of his title with a draw against Woody last week and although he will have wanted a victory he will have been pleased not to lose when he wasn’t at his best. George on the other hand is in his debut event and started strongly with the 3rd highest score of the week although that was only enough to draw with Broodje Kip. Ian goes into this game as favourite but George can’t be discounted either and might just represent good value.

George Traista: 13/10

Ian: 8/13

@Woody v @Aaron Thornton

We saw all of the Potteries Pele’s experience in these events come out last week as he battled to a well deserved draw with Ian by outscoring him by 2 points. He will see this match as the perfect opportunity to get his first win as he comes up against debutante Aaron. The Thorn on the other hand needs at least a point this week to get himself settled into the event although the bookies make him the outsider this week.

Woody: 1/2

Aaron: 13/8

@smoggy90 v @RichD

The two top scorers from last week clash in what could be a monumental tie and hopefully not a bore draw. Smog is the more experienced man but Rich has shown he knows his way round a multitude of different challenges so it is hard to separate these two. The bookies have priced Smoggy as favourite though based on his experience in these events.

Smoggy: 4/5

RichD: Evs 


As usual the “good people” at Black Cat Betting can offer you all a selection of specials.

  • Smoggy to go unbeaten for the whole league stage: 12/1
  • RichD to go unbeaten for the whole league stage: 16/1
  • ScottishFMM to not finish in the elimination zone: 6/4
  • ScottishFMM to make the playoffs: 14/1
  • After last weeks multiple draws there to be no draws this week: 7/5
  • Woody to never submit last in the whole event: 10000000/1

The challenge will be revealed by “big” @samhardy tomorrow and I think we have a real good one this week that will get you all thinking.

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