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Career Badge #5 Lovely Bruno!! Part 1&2

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As a huge fan of MUFC (no hate about that i support this team many years😀) I'll give a try with the man who bring the smile again to us BRUNO FERNANDES!!

The tactic

I decide to play with the safe of three at the back.. In the middle two CMs or BBM.. And then we have Bruno as a Treq the at the wing, i prefer left footed at the left wing and right footed at the right and that give more opportunities for Bruno to take a shoot..At front two very good players as DLF or TM..Screenshot_2021-01-05-03-14-33-089_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.b1a682e326103117bd433b4daf88ee04.jpg


I make a lot of transfers some of these was false like Sancho,the man is very unprofessional ( in second attempt i prefer Grealish) but I've made and some very good transfers like Bernardo SilvaScreenshot_2021-01-05-03-17-18-557_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.a9e2577971019848e18c9f52305aa444.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-05-03-16-45-658_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.4efb44cdaf0290cfb5107d70ef706d2d.jpg


We won almost all the trophies except the Carabao cup Screenshot_2021-01-05-03-18-18-249_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.723a6405b95bb694b06a6d83da393d91.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-05-03-18-28-093_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.96854aa8a4250ddd73d9a32cd2053c0a.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-05-03-14-03-546_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.e9b9c618d8c8eec25e17a3883778279f.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-05-03-16-04-788_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.a4515464b8227f3db98027a5ae8c4733.jpg

Bruno Fernandes

This guy is immortal..Play all the matches through the year but almost in every game i substitute him to keep him fresh.. He hit an incredible double triple in PL ( 30 goals ad 30 assist) with the total of 45 goals and 39 assist..


Total score = 45+78= 123 points

Thanks for reading!!

Surely i give this challenge a second attempt 😜


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As I promise to my fans 😂😂😂 i give a second chance to the mega star BRUNO FERNANDES..

First of all i wanna thank you for the support fellas!!

Let's see the second and last attempt for this challenge

The tactic

Almost the same philosophy for my team with a few tweaks and different playersScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-39-55-893_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.61ae2cc0b6ce89647c15de20f3d6c001.jpg


I only trust Koulibaly from my first attempt and choose some other players and this time i keep Pogba in my teamScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-41-15-063_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.b313eca78bb5d319ca40aaf3dcc035b6.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-41-19-327_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.6f2dcadaf1fe10bd3e4e609b62d241bf.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-41-22-533_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.abc8cc355837ac40e122b3b5a3a7b561.jpg


We dominate everything with good performances in every competitionScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-39-22-277_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.83c05b88ed8ddbcb2b43087359e2cfae.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-39-12-975_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.7e16b05f60acfb03ff6d0518e9fe329e.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-39-04-158_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.a669160e70e8360519114d2dc1894a3d.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-48-29-100_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.ae9b4d395dc4e32d06c99be94536f158.jpg

Team performance

All of my players had a very good season and all of them help for this challengeScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-40-33-968_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.ac0b8ffbb73d6cf19f2935fa8c83418b.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-40-25-201_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.fd3627c15cbfcb8d1aa3d134b55384b5.jpg

Manager profile

We had a good gpg number for first seasonScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-40-01-796_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.5d21b9666ea3f7aceb4ddc942c634a45.jpgScreenshot_2021-01-06-03-40-06-648_com_sega.score.thumb.jpg.502f159c55c8e82f381686fbd5c76c1e.jpg

Bruno Fernandes

I think i have nothing to say for this man!! His numbers is just incredible


Final score 39 goals and 53 assists

Total score 39+106= 145 points

I strong recommend this challenge to every fmm player..is very enjoyable!!

See ya fellas!!


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