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Tactics Ugly 4-3-2-1 by DonDudi UPDATED


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I present to you a very ugly tactic, which on the one hand may bore you, but on the other…. well ... it's effective.

For tactic testing, I always chose a average team, but I decided to check it also in with strong team such as ManCity or Lech.

You can see the changes in the setting by viewing the individual photos. The tactic has evolved to the most optimal for me.

My advice:

- be patient;

- find time to rebuild your team;

- buy very thoughtfully;

- complete the composition with an appropriate loan;

- set training according to the players' positions;

- set pieces:

*corners-  short and long post, the striker attack near post, one center defender mark keeper, second center defender attack long post

*free kicks - shoot, cross centre

*one more thing in defence set pieces – always leave one player (attacker) stay forward



Now I can start my career :)

1. VIGO (1).jpg

1. VIGO (2).jpg

1. VIGO (3).jpg

1. VIGO (4).jpg

1. VIGO (5).jpg

1. VIGO (6).jpg

2. MONTE (1).jpg

2. MONTE (2).jpg

2. MONTE (3).jpg

3. WISLA (1).jpg

3. WISLA (2).jpg

3. WISLA (3).jpg

3. WISLA (4).jpg

4. HERTHA (1).jpg

4. HERTHA (2).jpg

4. HERTHA (3).jpg

4. HERTHA (4).jpg

4. HERTHA (5).jpg

5 (1).jpg

5 (2).jpg

5 (3).jpg

5 (4).jpg

5 (5).jpg

5 (6).jpg

6 (1).jpg

6 (2).jpg

6 (3).jpg

6 (4).jpg

6 (5).jpg

6 (6).jpg

7 (1).jpg

7 (2).jpg

7 (3).jpg

7 (4).jpg

7 (5).jpg

7 (6).jpg

7 (7).jpg

7 (8).jpg

7 (9).jpg

7 (10).jpg

8 (1).jpg

8 (2).jpg

8 (3).jpg

8 (4).jpg

8 (5).jpg

8 (6).jpg

8 (7).jpg

8 (8).jpg

8 (9).jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230312_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230317_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230322_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230341_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230423_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230438_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230451_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230500_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230513_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230520_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230603_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230657_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230815_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230823_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230859_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-230953_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-231003_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-231009_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210109-231034_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Edited by Midu
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