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Career Fanatic's attempt - Bruno Fernandes badge


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Hey Folks 

Hope you all are doing well 

Here is my take and attempt at the Bruno Fernandes challenge - Man United's core engine. 

The setup is very much inspired by a lot of attempts from you guys and from a couple of previous forums. 

Wide man to provide width in the attack and throw in lots of crosses for the DLF to drop in and let BF move in oppositions box and score - sancho and coman and as backup, James and Dallas (he is one gem of a player) 

BBM for providing support to the WM and attackers and CM to cover the left over ground in mid. 

IWB to provide extra support to mids for blocking the attackers. 




Got rid of jones and rojo etc. quite a lot of deadwood and brought in quality backups. 



Bruno the main man: 

Scored almost in every game however injuries happened in between not once but twice so it restricted him to play more games. but in 42 games - 40goals and 21 assists is still decent and i'm quite happy. 


Here is how he looks at the end of the season: 




thanks for your time!! :) 

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1 hour ago, RichD said:

Well done mate, great effort, I will add you to the leaderboard.

Thanks sir 

added 0 minutes later
1 hour ago, broodje kip said:

Nice score that mate!

thanks a lot 


45 minutes ago, Rob said:

Well done.

thank you sir

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