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Challenges Bruno Fernandes - The Portuguese Magnífico


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Here is my attempt at Badge 5 of the Badges of Honor series. This one is Bruno's New Year's Party (by @RichD) and the idea is to score as many goals (1 point) and assists (2 points) for Bruno Fernandes at Man Utd, over the course of a season. The minimum required for the Leaderboard is 25 goals and 15 assists.

Transfers In


I tried to switch out all the deadwood. Last summer I wanted Sancho at United thus the transfer. Pau Torres and Yusuf Poulsen were absolute beasts who I got for not a lot of money. Ignore Riyad Mahrez. He wasn't worth the money.

Transfers Out





We won the Premier League (by goal difference) and the EFL Cup. However, we did reach the finals of both the FA Cup and the UCL.




The Main Man


Bruno got 29 goals & 47 assists in 60 games! He truly was a beast and didn't get injured all season. He truly is the Portuguese Magnifico!


1 goal - 1 point

1 assist - 2 points

So 29 goals & 47 assists add up to a score of... 123

Had so much fun doing this challenge. @RichD please update the leaderboard. Thanks.


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7 minutes ago, LordArezo said:

Thanks  man. By the way, have you got any intel on the next challenge?

I do, but I can’t reveal them yet, they’ll be fun though 😁


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