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Career Dai's "Badge 06" attempt. Roll-A-Roundo's return.


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So, this is my very first attempt at earning my 6th badge of Honour. This is the challenge:

Whilst I'm not very happy about beating, in my opinion the greatest player of all time's calendar year record. I have to, to gain my badge. The fact that I have to use this fella makes it even worse. 😕







Very happy with our business. Building a quality Galactico squad. Could they provide for CR7?




I know the date on the screenshot is the 2nd of January but I had a complete nightmare and pressed continue while trying to swipe my hand across the screen. 😡 I know pressing buttons is an easier way of doing it but it's a silly habit I'm trying to get out of. (It doesn't actually affect anything because there was no match on 1st of Jan and even if there was, I'd be doing myself out of valuable goals. I can provide a screenshot of fixtures around this date to confirm if needed. Obviously, if its a problem. I'll restart the entire challenge @FuddledFox?)

I'll carry on anyway. A few injuries hindered the start tbh. I'm just glad that goals from this point forward are all that matter.


End of first season

Team performance:


Not too shabby.





Score so far; 41. Over half way there but knowing fixtures get back to a bit of normality now, Ronny's gonna need to hit the ground running in the coming season.





By my calculations, that gives me a score of 79. It's not as impressive as I would of liked, but it's done. Unless there's an issue.

I didn't think I was going to get it but his form in the last eleven games was amazing! I switched from my normal control/balanced setup and just went for broke with overload. Wish I had used it earlier. 🤦‍♂️



(Screenshot is from 31st of December because there's a fixture on the 1st of Jan. Just wanted to avoid any suggestion that I snuck that game in. Especially with it being so darn tight.)




The fact it was so close made this challenge so exciting and enjoyable. I might actually try this one again to see if I can better it. I doubt it's a score to threaten the leaderboard but I'm on it. 😁 (hopefully 🤣)


Thanks for reading. 👍

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3 hours ago, Scratch said:

Well done mate. To be honest, I'm a little worried about reaching the benchmark in this one, so I'm thinking that's a pretty good score.

I think you'll be fine once you get the right wingers. Especially if you use a similar tactic to the inspirational Sniper tactic. CR7's stats drop quite dramatically apart from aerial, movement and shooting.

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