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Chat Question about B-Teams/Reserves


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Hey all, had a couple of questions:

Just wondered if anyone has had any success getting their B-Teams promoted to playable leagues?

I've played through 9 seasons as Barca manager, and even simulated through entire test seasons. I've got the 1st and 2nd tiers loaded for Spanish Football, with the Barca B team in the 3rd tier (the new one that's being created IRL after this year). Every year 2 teams are promoted from PRO A and 2 teams from PRO B to the 2nd Div, but it seems like there's some coding in the game that prevents B teams from coming up, including your own (there are a multitude of B-Teams that should technically be promoteable but I haven't seen a single one promoted, even with entire test seasons run; as this year it seems like the promotions from non-playable leagues is determined at the start of a season. (This is with B-Teams that are 2.5/3 star being passed over against 1.5/2 star "First" teams for promotion from a non-playable league).

And also whether there's a reason why B-Team players will always have the "Needs improved facilities/Would benefit from access to better training facilities" and "Would benefit from playing more" tags on the training screen?

The team has "State of the Art" facilities and the players have been playing for the B Team in scheduled league matches and still keep showing these tags, and aren't growing. In another save I loaned them to affiliate clubs and they showed good growth and became world-class players over time whereas being kept in the B-Team basically freezes their development no matter what is done despite them playing weekly.

Attached images below showing players that have these "Negatives" despite playing & with appropriate facilities. Screenshots are for Season 2 after promoting them from Segunda Division via loading the league (ie. wasn't promoted from a non-playable league). I also noticed that pretty much every AI B-Team playing in the Segunda Division was relegated into the non-playable Tercera Division.


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4 hours ago, rseven said:

What is your game version? Is it latest?

Yep as of the December 14 update, on Android though so unsure if it's Android-specific or something.

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