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Career Recovering from Augusta (SEASON 2 + RECOVERED)


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After an intense 22 seasons of Augusta National Golf Club Challenge, I’m going to lower leagues in United Kingdom and have some fun there. I loaded Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I started as unknown manager and without any coaching badges.

Got our first job offer from Wales in 10th of November.


Stay tuned for the first season update.

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16 minutes ago, RichD said:

I actually have family in Llandudno and we used to go there every summer, what are the odds 😂

Why everything I do must involve you 😂

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6 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Why everything I do must involve you 😂

You’ll never get away from me! If you play Carmarthen, go easy as that’s my hometown.

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15 minutes ago, RichD said:

You’ll never get away from me! If you play Carmarthen, go easy as that’s my hometown.

Good news. They’re in the South league while I’m in the North

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44 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

@RichD I did this on purpose.


He’s nowhere near good in fact he’s just purely shit.

His shooting isn’t 20 like me!

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Just now, RichD said:

His shooting isn’t 20 like me!

I’m surprised to see he got 11 leadership though. I can confirm it’s not you playing in the Sunday league 

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3 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

I’m surprised to see he got 11 leadership though. I can confirm it’s not you playing in the Sunday league 

I do play centre mid for the team I play for, so at least that’s right 😂

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Season 1

Before our first competitive match, this is how the table looked like.


We’re deep at the 2nd bottom of the table. We got a very ageing squad and low quality. Then, I sold lots of deadwoods and bought players better than the league average.




No it’s not a lie. We bought a former Premier League Champion, Danny Drinkwater. Chelsea released him at the end of the season so I thought like “no harm to try right?”. He decided he wants to have a short vacation to Lladudno.



£7.75K profit.


Told you guys I got a real special unexpected signing right? Here’s it. I somehow managed to sign Ryan Edmondson and Florin Balogun for free!




Won both competitions possible since the club lost the other cup before I even join them.

League Table


A very tight race. Who would’ve expected an inexperienced manager would bring them a title? Certainly not when you’re 15th at the time he joined. We won it luckily after the league leader, Bangor City lost to Conway in the final game of the season.

Manager Profile & History



Top-3 Best Player



He scored a massive 20 goals in 22 matches for us. He also chipped in 9 assists.



A really reliable winger. He scored 10 times and also got himself 14 assists.



Got a few injuries but that won’t stop him from having a great campaign with 16 goals and 6 assists 


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51 minutes ago, itzChris92 said:

Great job there mate. Unbelievable signings for a club like that, and sitting in relegation to top it off! 


46 minutes ago, geordiekrispy said:

Nice season some cracking signings there. I can fully get behind anyone called Shola!

Thanks guys. I just try my luck and they somehow willing to negotiate but with release clause of course

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Season 2

First of all, I’d like to say that I have recovered from Augusta pain. I’m now able to play careers normally although I might not go back to my Bayern TT and Badges Collection just yet.



Used £500 this season to strengthen our goalkeeper position.



Leicester and Queen’s Park payed Longman and Scarlett’s release clause and we can’t reject it. Our last season heroes had left the club after helping us for promotion.

League Table


Won the league in our first season! We absolutely smashed the league with 26 points lead.

Manager Profile and History 



Not the best profile and history but I’m pleased with our management.


Impact Players



Our Arsenal reject played well and got himself 25 goals involvement in 43 games.



If you got 15 shooting in a league where everyone got 13 at max, what does that mean? You’ll score for fun and that’s what exactly Ryan Edmondson was doing.



His stats aren’t impressive but he helped us to keep the balance in midfield while being our 3rd highest AvR player.


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