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Career Chris' Badge Collection (1/6) Badge 2 - The Last Dance

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Welcome to my career, where you can follow me and my attempts at collecting some shiny badges. 

Due to my slight OCD we will kick things off with the Badge 1 - Spurs' Deadly Duo, courtesy of @Rob

See here for details

All aboard the HMS Kane! First season coming right up.

Chris' Badge Collection


1. Deadly Duo - Complete



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Badge 1 - Spurs' Deadly Duo

I've been meaning to get this done for a while since putting my 1K attempt on hold. After testing some tactics I've settled on one I am fairly happy with (probably share it at the end of this challenge). I don't think I'll be pushing for a crazy score, but I'll be happy to reach 200 points on this one.

Season 1

Transfers In


Transfers Out


Team Results




We dominated practically every game we played, but that didn't stop us losing/drawing the odd game, unfortunately meaning early exits from the FA and Caribao cups. I was happy with the amount of goals though, and we just about managed to win the PL, after a very busy season with games sometimes 4/5 times a week. 







The Team



I was extremely happy with how the squad performed overall. Everyone was getting involved, but Son still controlling the game and setting up most of the goals. After around 20 games Son was averaging a goal per game but not assisting as much, but dropping him back to a CAM role balanced him out. Hopefully he can maintain this next season. Kane was insane in front of goal. Also, I hope we can be just as lucky next season with no lengthy injuries to our main guys. 








Kane - 73 goals + 15 assists

Son - 26 goals + 36 assists

Total - 99 goals + 51 assists

(150 points) 

So we head into season two needing a single goal to complete the challenge. Then we can concentrate on that score! 

Thanks for reading. Comments much appreciated! 

EDIT: Added transfer screenshots.

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14 minutes ago, RichD said:

Great start that Chris and the second season is usually better with a better squad, so good luck 😁

Thanks bud. I wasn't expecting to complete the challenge in one season at all, but missing it by one goal has me slightly annoyed 😂

Squad definitely needs some strengthening for next season. Fingers crossed now for a 300+ score which I would be over the moon with! 

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Season 2

Transfers In


Few big names here. Was a shame to get rid of Alli as he  was a really solid backup for Son last season. But I couldn't turn down an opportunity to upgrade Doherty to Trent. 

Transfers Out


Team Results



Won everything bar the CL, losing 3-1 to Barcelona. I wish I could say we deserved to win, but I'd be lying if I did. Slightly less goals in the league this season, so how did our guys get on? 







The Team






The Tactic


Nothing too risky here. Really enjoyed using the APs out wide, as I did last year too. I would say I was happy with the tactic overall, but I may attempt this challenge again one day and make some adjustments. 

Anyways, here are the totals for this season, and the challenge overall:


Kane - 66 goals + 13 assists

Son - 31 goals + 36 assists

Season Total - 97 goals + 49 assists

(146 points) 

Challenge Total - 296 points

Absolutely chuffed with my overall score for this, albeit slightly disappointed on the lack of improvement for our 2nd season. I may revisit this challenge after collecting some more badges but for now I'm happy to take 8th place. If you would kindly add me to the leader boards please @Rob

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for my next Badge attempt! 


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Bad math.

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