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Career Varf goes for Badge 02


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Just couldn't help myself and started with 2nd badge instead of 1st. MSN was one of the greatest attacking trios in the world. And Suarez being ex merseyside red lad leaned me towards this Badge.

Badges of Honour here


There goes nothing...




I forgot to screenshot my transfers out...

We won everything scoring over 200 goals in 59 games. This is the most I've scored in 1st season so far


So how did my trio did? 

Starting with the worst out of three - Neymar




Progress wise only shooting went up by 1. Scoring 32 and assisting 18 in 58 games. He only missed 1 game (yes he has been subed a lot, but still)

He packed up 50 contributions which is enough for benchmark,

Next goes the guy who likes to bite people 😃 Suarez



Most of his stats went down by 1, just the teamwork (which is essential in this badge) went up by 1

He racked up 66 contributions with 47 goals and 19 assists. And he was the only who got injured for 10 days towards the end of the season



And finally the mighty beast - Messi



Unlike Suarez Messi's stats went down by 2 but it didn't stop him from being a machine in both goal scoring and providing. 53 and 33 accordingly. 86 contributions from best of the best (well... one of them) 




 The Last Dance wouldn't be so charming without beating the crap out of everyone in La Liga. 4 draws with amazing (in my world) GD of 98. We got less 1gpg in our net. 

As you can see I could of done better if Grealish Pedri Alba and Fabinho weren't so good at providing. But again I could of done worse if they wouldn't provide.

I've played my trio on the edge pushing them towards their limit but subbing them to get as many games out of them as possible. My main luck this season is absence of injuries. 

The GRAND TOTAL is 202 contributions.

Thank you @Rob @Scratch @FuddledFox for fun adventure. Could you please update the leaderboard.

Moving  toward my favorite part - wheeling and dealing... off to post the Redknapping, I've already tried it. Twice 😅

Please feel free to correct my mistakes. English is my second))

Edited by Varf on fmm
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On 15/01/2021 at 04:25, Rob said:

Well done. 

On 15/01/2021 at 05:04, RichD said:

Brilliant score there mate, well done 😁

Thank you lads

On 15/01/2021 at 05:13, Scratch said:

Great stuff mate - Messi truly fantastic there! Added you to the leaderboard. 

he is a beast. Curious if CR7 is as good for the latest badge

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