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Chat My record with Bolton is pretty awesome


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Hi, I've looked through the first five pages and can't see a thread via search, but sure there is one, so please move if necessary... 


Anyway I started with Bolton which I thought would be a decent challenge in league two... So far my points tally is league 2 113 points, league 1 122 points, championship 105... 2 games in to the Premier league and 2 wins. 

Have I got the game on easy option or something? Ive never noticed if there is this option, but it seems a lot easier this year. 


I haven't spent any extra on the game, and until the prem league had spent 5m and received 20m, in the game, so done ok on the transfers... Basically just loan like mad for the first few yrs and pay zero towards wages 9 times out of 10.





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1 hour ago, ian77 said:

What are you tactics your playing with in your bolton save

2-3-2-1-2 attacking. 

Got to the Fa Cup final in the last season but lost to city 3 nil...have started the first season in the Premier league ok, but debating whether to switch to one forward and play two in behind, because my squad is a lot thinner this year. 


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Glad it's working for you not tryed this tactic yet still struggling to get good tactic at mo will give this a try what's your setup with this good one mate

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