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Career Ronaldo's year #6 aka my worst nightmare


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Thanks to @FuddledFox for this absolutly brilliant challenge also at the same time extremly mind numbing lol.

I was going for my kind of style of play how i like to play. 

I shipped pretty much near enough the whole entire first team out and replaced with more attack minded and high teamwork to ensure ronaldo was always on the end on ball that was my aim atleast!

The whole entire set up i went with in the end ensures assists from all over the pitch!

But most notably LWB-RWB LW-RW

Even the BBM got in on the action. 

So how did the man himself do..


I played him as little as possible to avoid injuries. As didnt matter prior to the first. 

Then january 1st 2022 here is his tally. 


63 goals season one (minus 14)as scored before jan.

34 goals scored before 1st january 2022

Final score 83 points. 



My transfer dealings in first season quite a big net spend.


Next transfer window my dealings were little to replace retired Ramos and also my lack of support in midfield.


November time was the hardest part as had to adjust ronaldo to a TM as his pace strength stamina just plummeted. So the aim of a target man in my eyes was to ensure he stayed high up the pitch and ran only when needed. 

As i intended for the rest of the team to do the running. 

Line up for majority of this challenge..



Preserving stamina. 





Marcos llorente>casemero




Militao>both CBS 

This ensured full fitness for aslong as possible.

Wish i could say it was fun but. After a few gos it wasnt loll.

Can you add to leaderboard @FuddledFox please and lemme have that sexy badge :D

sorry for long winded post. I hope this helps anyone attempting this challenge.






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Just now, RichD said:

Told you, you could do it mate, smashed it, this is the toughest one, so brilliant to get the badge 😁

Man im never going near ronaldo ever again! Or real madrid for that fact lol

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Well done mate. Ended up with a good score too. I also will never attempt this one again. Just getting over the benchmark is good enough for me. 

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Well done. To jump from 14 in 16 up to Jan 1st to 49 in 26 for the business end of the season is quite the improvement. You must have done a lovely tactic change.

Well done.

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6 hours ago, Rob said:

Well done. To jump from 14 in 16 up to Jan 1st to 49 in 26 for the business end of the season is quite the improvement. You must have done a lovely tactic change.

Well done.

I was subbing on ronaldo around the 60th-70th minute mark. Then soon as jan 1st hit he started near enough every game. N played most. Certainly ran him down in stamina. Come november time tho his stamina was burned out in 50 mins or so was a nightmare. 

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