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Career Scratch Tries The 3x1KC [Season 14]

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2 minutes ago, Rich said:

Loved the opening with the ill behaviour 😝

Anyway awesome going, less goals but same amount going through the boys is great, there still looking good as well. Hopefully they keep going mate 🤞🏻

"Back once again" was from season 12 update. "With the ill behaviour" was added this season. What will I add next season I wonder... 😄

Anyway, thanks mate, was a really good season all things considered. Expecting a slow drop from here, but they are still so much better than the average player in China I guess they will keep doing well. 🤞

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Here's an extra for you England fans:


Yes, England won the World Cup again, but even bigger than that, they won a penalty shootout! 🤣

I know, I know, they beat Columbia in one a few years ago, but still, can't say it's their strong point...

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Season 14

Back once again. With the ill behaviour. Can you feel it? Nothing can save ya!


Bet you weren't expecting that! Maybe "With the ill behaviour, with the ill behaviour, with the ill behaviour" as the song/career plays out, but at the last minute I went with another option that I'd guess a lot less people know about. Anyone want to guess the next line?

Anyway, this was the season where shit started getting real...







I stuffed up and kept too many older players that I now can't sell. I have 4 backup strikers who are 30 or 31 and are slowing down drastically. So there will likely be more business over the next season or two, as I ship out whoever I can and bring in the next generation.



We won everything again this year, but league goals were down to 121 (compared to 142 last year and 179 at our best).


We've only lost 2 games all save and we're currently unbeaten in the last 610 games, but it's only a matter of time until we lose one now.




Anyway, here are all the screenshots:






This has been a glorious team, averaging 5.5 goals per game over the career, so I thought I'd share a few of the top players (three with Crossing of 20!):








I've had plenty of bombs as well, but being able to develop players like that at Beijing has been awesome!


The ITN Job

I've gone through the whole save without chasing the Italy job. Now that we're nearing crunch time, it's looking like that might have been a mistake. It's going to need a mammoth task to get all three across the line, but with the Italy job, I could have gotten Pellegri and Esposito real close to 1K by now.

Still, no regrets. I don't enjoy that part of the game, as it makes the seasons drag out. Not saying I'll never do it (have done so in the past of course), but for this save I wanted to avoid it.

So then this happened:


And bookies think I'm the favourite! It made me take stock and wonder if I should apply. After all it could be the difference between the success and failure of this career.

But after much deliberation, I decided not to apply. Of course FMM then did this to me:


Stop tempting me FMM!! So... What did I do?


I turned them down! But I won't be surprised if I come to regret that.


The Lads

Well, this is the year where they started to fall apart. Still excellent players for this league, but we can now clearly see where this headed and I think we can all agree they aren't going to look good if I need them to play another 5 or 6 seasons!






A few injuries this year - Pellegri out for 10 days, followed by another 3 week injury, while Esposito had a month long injury:







Here's the overview:


And the history screens:





Which gives us:

Season Esposito Pellegri Badji
01 38 19 24
02 60 63 50
03 41 71 51
04 60 65 49
05 65 78 56
06 59 65 59
07 52 51 81
08 74 46 62
09 59 60 65
10 55 82 63
11 62 69 89
12 68 56 68
13 56 69 64
14 61 49 41
Total 810 843 822

Esposito, who's the youngest, still around his peak level, but the other two have their worst seasons for many years. The decline was more obvious near the end of the season too - the average game saw the lads score 2 or 3 goals combined, compared to the 4 or 5 they would have gotten a season or two before that.


Final Thoughts

I think I'll ask the lads to reconsider retirement after the new year rolls around, and hopefully sign them to 5 year contracts (which I think actually gets 6 full seasons).

If I can get 5 or 6 seasons out of them, averaging around 30 goals, then we'll be real close. But it's likely to go right down to the wire (assuming I can get them to stay on). I'm already starting to regret not taking that ITN job! 😄

Thanks for reading.


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Man, you had me. I thought you were going to take that Italy job. It makes up for losing your International players for a few League games.

Anyway. Great numbers. I still believe you'll do it. Keep it going.

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9 hours ago, Dai_ said:

Man, you had me. I thought you were going to take that Italy job. It makes up for losing your International players for a few League games.

Anyway. Great numbers. I still believe you'll do it. Keep it going.

Haha, I guess I really don't like ITN management. Especially at this point, where I want to get through the rest of it relatively quickly. Don't want to get bogged down trying to sort out Italy!

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5 hours ago, Rich said:

I still believe in you mate, you can do this, good work 😁

Thanks mate. I'll get there eventually if they don't retire on me. I got all three to reconsider retirement, but only Esposito would sign a new contract. So I have him for 6 seasons, Badji for 4 and Pellegri for 3. 🤞

Pellegro also got injured for 2 months - he'll only miss 4 or 5 games as most of it was pre-season, but we don't need any more injuries knocking the lads around.

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Amazing undefeated streak. Well done. Like Dai said, FMM loves to throw a spanner in every now and then so that’s a wonderful run.

As for the goals, this is getting nerve wracking now! I think you’ll do it!

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