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Career Wedding Challenge COMPLETED


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The Wedding Challenge

This is my own attempt at ‘The Wedding Challenge’. I love doing these challenges and I always try to go for a league where I don’t usually tend to go. This time I went to the MLS. I knew who I wanted as ‘Something old’, so I picked Inter Miami CF.300147789_InterMiamiCF1.png.2794880ee9c0ae5ecec8e6d66ede1f9d.png


Something old

I chose to go with Gonzalo Higuain. Not the type of striker I am a huge fan, but his stats are amazing and against the MLS-defences he should be able to bang ‘em in.



Something new

I didn’t have to do anything to get my something new. I spotted Julian Carranza in my team and really liked his potential. He wanted to play as a target man, but his stats are 10+ in all poacher categories as well. Lacking some pace, but trying to get that up by training him.



Something borrowed

At first I was shocked by the lack of good players up for hire, but this was also right at the start of the save. I decided to also look for ‘not interested’ loan players and came over this American playing at Barcelona. I was shocked by his great stats and just offered the loan deal. They accepted right away! Here is Konrad De la Fuente!



Something blue

A player I always liked because of his skills is Gary Mackay-Steven. A player I also like to use in FIFA. I normally get ridiculed by friends for using him, but once I get the skillmoves going he is unstoppable. Also, he played for NYCFC! This club has a blue home kit, so he will do.



Before the season started I picked up Ibrahim Afellay for free. I bought Alexander Büttner from New England Revolution.


9 league games in and things are going okay. Top of the league by 4 points with 2 games in hand. I was struggling defensively with goalkeeper Robles not performing well and my 2 good centre backs injured. So before the 6th of May, which is the end of the domestic transfer window, I picked up a few extra players.



I'll not give any(more) updates throughout the season.



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The Wedding Challenge: bright future?

This challenge was a blast. I had so much fun! If you want to see all my 'adventures' throughout the season, you can have a look. However, if you're just curious to see how the final results were, you can also just have a look at that!


The adventures


The start of the season was really good. We won the first 7 games of the season with an average of over 3.5 goals per game. After a lost game against Vancouver (4-2) we picked up again. Winning 6 games straight close to 3 goals per game.

After the next loss in the MLS, 1-0 againt Colorado, we played a cup games againt Miami FC. I used the subs in that game, because of fitness issues. The first team didn't take the loss to Colorado all that well and wanted to proof they are top of the league for a reason:


An absolute monster game from everyone, with the result being a 7-0 win!


After the 7-0 win we had a draw against Houston Dynamo. 3 good games followed where we scored a lot, but we met Orlando City in the US Cup Fifth Round and we lost 3-2. A real painful one, as that means less games.

Also, the first injury of one of the key players. De la Fuente got injured. Didn't seem too bad, but he missed 5 games because of the injury because he was struggling with fitness a lot.


With the transfer window opening the 7th of July till the 4th of August and the team showing little cracks, I was already looking for good backup players and players that could make the team stronger.


On the first day of the transfer window i received a big offer from Schalke 04 for Carranza. To be fair, I would've taken the offer under normal circumstances. I need Carranza for the challenge so I kindly rejected and Carranza wasn't to pleased. I decided to give him a new contract with a HUGE salary boost. This caused Matuidi to ask for more money as well... So the transfer window started with my club near bankruptcy and 2 (with Higuain, 3) overpaid players. 



So what I said about bankruptcy wasn't exactly true, but it was money I would've liked to use in the transfer window. 


  • Rodolfo Pizarro played really well. He went to Crystal Palace for €11.75m
  • Daler Kuzyaev came in as a replacement. He came from Zenit for €7.75m
  • I cleared space by getting rid of some angry benchwarmers, but didn't really use the money


After the transfer window and everybody happy I continued. Shocker...:



So this is huge... I've never seen two injuries with that much of an impact on the team. 7th of August and the 11th of August we won 2 games easily against D.C. United and LA Galaxy.

From the 20th of August till the 13th of September (4 games): no wins, 3 draws, 1 loss. Only 3 goals scored. We briefly lost the top-spot in our conference and I was worried. However, after the 13th of September Gonzalo Higuain had his fitness level back to the top-level. Also Carranza was really quick with recovering.

So after a run in which we almost bottled the top-spot in the conference, we went on a good run. 3-0 win, and two 3-1 wins sealed our conference title.


Being top of the conference does mean we miss another game, but I really couldn't bottle it just to get another game. That is pretty close to cheating if you ask me.

In the MLS Eastern Conference Semi Final we played againt Columbus Crew. We went down in the 8th minute after a goal from Fanendo Adi. Only 2 minutes later Carranza scored the equaliser. In the 22nd minute Kuzyaev scored the 2-1. We went up 3-1 in the 31st minute, goal from De la Fuente. In the second half Columbus Crew made it 3-2, goal from Fatai Alashe. The last 30 minutes were tight, but we managed to hold on. On to the final!

In the MLS Eastern Conference Final we came up againt Toronto FC. After 24 minutes we were down 0-2, goals from Pozuelo en Perruzza. This happened quite often this season, so not worried yet. In the 35th minute Higuain striked back, making it 1-2. Right before halftime Kuzyaev made it 2-2. We started the second half really strong. Carranza scored the 3-2 in the 48th minute. For 40 minutes we held on to the 3-2 lead! On to the MLS Cup!

The last competitive game of the season, for the championship, we played against LAFC. It wasn't a thriller at all. Carranza made it 1-0 in the 4th minute. In the 13th minute De la Fuente scored the 2-0. At the 30 minute mark Carranza sealed the game by making it 3-0. However... no nothing happened actually. Jakovic from LAFC received a red card right before halftime. In the 49th minute LAFC scored the 3-1, but that was it.



Quite a nice feeling to get most out of the team. Also, I was impressed with all 4 key players. Daler Kuzyaev, who played as an RP at CM played 14 games scoring 6 and assisting 4. Those are also some amazing stats!

To end the adventure time I wanted to show you my manager of the year award. Thanks for reading!!!



Did you read it? Don't feel obliged haha. Here are the final results:


If you didn't read all the adventures, this happened:

  • Played good
  • Lost in the fifth round of the cup
  • Minor injuries
  • Played bad
  • No injuries anymore
  • Played good
  • Top of the conference standing, won playoff games, won MLS cup. 

And now, for the final results...

Something old


What a lad. Amazing performances throughout the season. Total of 43 points.


Something new


Played really well at the beginning of the season. The injury of a month really caused him to lose his shape, so after the injury he was still struggling. At the end he picked up contributing again. Total of 34 points.


Something borrowed


Not a lot more you can ask for. It felt like he scored a lot more, but his goals were always important. I'm quite 'okay' with this one. Total of 32 points.


Something blue


The one with the least contribution, is Mackay-Steven. I did expect this. I'm just really happy I get to use him and that he didn't play bad! Total of 22 points.


Grand total of 131 points!

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. Send me your attempts, love to see them :)


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1 minute ago, hhooo said:

Good work with a mix of lesser known and overweight players! 

Haha thanks man! Lets call him a 'big' man, with 'big' stats 😂

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