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Career Varf and the Spurs Deadly Duo - Completed


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I finally decided to go for Badge 01


The last time I played for Spurs was back in CM 03/04


Was never a fan, just liked the squad back then. 
And I have to admit: I absolutely in love with Kane this time around. Yet again I’ve never used him as a focal point of my attack in my careers... but this beast is unbelievable. A little spoiler to unfinished 1st season, but I just couldn’t hold myself 


He is packing goals like crazy, and he barely cares who is in front of him 


An unbelievable 25 goals in 11 games. 
I might be able to get the benchmark by the end of 1st season if Kane will keep scoring and Son provide some more...

To be continued... 

PS @Rob could you Please include me in to  Badgeholders for the Last Dance and Redknapping and in to leaderboard for Redknapping @FuddledFox

Edited by Varf on fmm
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3 hours ago, RichD said:

Great start that mate, could be a huge score! I loved CM 03/04😁

I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🤞 03/04 was the best imo. I’ve played a couple more after that but didn’t like it 

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WOW... that was an exiting season. Let's get to it

Transfer In



Transfers Out



As I've learned so far - it's much harder to sell or resell players in fmm21 rather than fmm20. But there is a trick - p/e deals. Especially when you play a short challenge like this you can offer 50% sell on cause, a player for exchange and some cash.

Therefore I brought Pasalic, Merino and Dier to strengthen the mid field. Corona, Adama Traore and Gelson Martins for flanks. Even thought I had other options but Gelson is one of my favorite wingers in this game for few years.

So how did we do Trophy wise



Despite scoring on 1st minute in semifinal of Carabao Cup we lost 2-4 to Chelsea. But we got them back in EURO Cup final. And a pleasant win over a tough nut ManC. Who (man c) gave me a headache in Premier league. Even though we won one of two games during the year in a league, there was a chance to stay 2nd at the end. Man C lost 2 points in 37th game of the season and we took what was rightfully ours. 

Manager's stats 



A 199 goals - absolutely insane result. 3 gpg rate. With an incredible 100 goals from a goal scoring machine...




1.51 gpg from this beast 

And his wingman - SON 



An brilliant 33 goals alongside 49 assists. 

As you can realize - most the Kane's goals and Son's assists came from corners.

Team stats



As you can see Kane himself and 3 other players provided over 10. My favorite - Gelson, Hojbjerg and Ndombele. 

I decided to keep the majority of players this year rather than rebuild the squad and it payed off. 

A total score of 194 this year and another year to go...

Sounds promising. We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

@Rob if you may please add Kane's 1.51 gpg to the 100 club 😃 

Edited by Varf on fmm
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Second and Final season

Transfers IN



Transfer OUT



I brought much power and technique to the middle. Though I ended up trading Milinkovic for Odegaard in January who instantly got injured. 

This was a mass injuries season. At one point I was down 6 first choice players. Yet Son went whole season injury free and Kane was only out for a bit. Left flank was bleeding all season long- Bergwijn out for a while, Dilrosum -11 month, Taylor last minute affordable sign but got an injury as well/ =) 



 We didn't win everything this year and some games were too hard

Starting off with Community Shield

MC came back from 0-3 and penalties were just too long... 11-10? 



Yet MC fought like lions in CS but EURO super cup was to easy



And another Final game against MC- FA Cup final went to penalties again



A road to Carabao cup was bumpy especially when we met Liverpool. Onana was playing in African Nations and I got Lunin on loan and he banked a Carabao Cup Semi Final. 9-10 



Guess who was waiting for me in the Final? Damn right! MAN flipping CITY



We won Premiere League even with 9 draws and 2 losses. It was hard to play w/o subs or play with reserve lads for a few weeks



Team performance



Son had to step up while Kane was out


A few extra points for Son this year - 38+50 vs 33+49 last season

Total of 88+82=170 points for 2 seasons

Kane did a bit less this year due to injury


106 vs 112 last year still amazing 218 points

Managers performance



Side note - underrated defenders. Check them out, cheap and consistent! 




CONCLUSION: a very interesting challenge. Impressive performance from both Kane and Son.

Total of 88+82=170 for Son and 106+112 =218 for Kane 

388 total score should get me on leaderboard. Not bad considering all those injuries in second season. 

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3 hours ago, RichD said:

That’s outstanding mate, well done. Some awesome transfers as well 😁

Ty. I like the trading this year. Clubs willing to part with their players this way. But still...I loved wheeling and dealing in fmm20. Making close to 1B resells in a year (unrealistic but fun) 

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