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Challenges The Shape Challenge

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This is a challenge where you can only use one role shape in a season. For example the Ball Playing Defender is a square, and the Central Defender is a shape pointing backwards. 


  • Team Choice: You can manage top flight team available in the vanilla database of the game. 
  • Transfers: Do what you want.
  • Challenge Duration: This is a 3 season challenge.
  • Leaderboard Points: For each season add up points and goal difference. 
  • Database: You can use the original DB or winter update but no edited databases.
  • Unlockables: You can not use any unlockables except for coaching badge and manager reputation.
  • Other Rules: No cheating, this includes editing of any kind, reloading to avoid injuries etc. If you are sacked at any point you must start again. See below for specific season rules.
  • Proof: You need to provide screenshots of the league table as proof. The best thing to do is start a career thread for us all to follow.

Season 1

In season one you will have to only use shapes pointing backwards (except for goalkeeper as there is no backwards pointing role for that position).

Season 2

This is probably the easiest of the three as there are the most options, this season you must only use roles with a square shape.

Season 3

And finally, the hardest one of them all, only forward pointing shapes.






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