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Chat FMM21 being freeze on iPhone


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Hi, I'm here to report some freezing error occuring on iPhone.

I'm using iPhone SE (2020) which has A13 - the same AP with iPhone 11 series - iOS 14.3 , 14.2
Not every time, but about once in a week maybe? The game freezes and nothing can be done but to force restart an iPhone.
The taptic and vibration works, but the screen can't be turned off, or be touched, there's nothing I can do.
So I asked to FMM community in Korea about this freezing error. And some iPhone 11 users said the same thing happened to them also.
and they also had game becoming slow while gameplay.
I thought it could be iPhone's error, but as you know, A13 is one of the fastest, and greatest CPU between smartphone, and never had freezing error on much more High Performance game than FMM.
And I played plenty of times with FMM20, but never happened a single error.
So, I'm about to mail SI about this error. Is there anyone having same problem playing FMM21?
If you have, please comment on this topic, so that I can refer it. Thanks
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There is a new update that has been released. I would recommend downloading it & seeing if the problem persists. If it does; I would recommend contacting SI (via their forums) to report the issue.

Fingers crossed for you!

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Yea I have the same phone as you and I ran into the exact same issue a couple times by now. I'm pretty sure my game is up to date so it's not fixed by the updates. I initially thought it was with my phone but I have had it for a year and I have not seen this behavior with any other app...quite frustrating to say the least.

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I have iPhone 7 Plus which is a few version below you and it has been just fine for me. Not sure what’s the problem.

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