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Challenges ‘Being FMMed’ Challenge


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(credit and thanks to @FuddledFox for the logo)
‘Being FMMed’ is a phrase you hear a lot across Vibe. The Oxford English Dictionary officially states it is:

‘The act of dominating the opposing team, typically reflected by lots of shots, whilst transpiring to lose the game without scoring a goal.’

It’s one of the most frustrating issues with the game and one I imagine results in plentiful of smashed tablets and angry outbursts. So let’s make it an issue we can all ‘compete’ on.

This challenge is a simple one:

  • You must lose the game;
  • You must score score no goals;
  • It must be a league game;
  • Your ‘score’ is your shots minus the opposition’s shots. For example if you take 20 shots and they take 10 then you will score 10;
  • The leaderboard will be ordered by ‘score’, then ‘shots’. In the previous example your score is 10 and shots is 20. If someone else scores 10 but has 22 shots they will be ahead of you;
  • The usual own formations, no cheating, etc, rules apply

Just to keep things looking simple I will only record your highest score on the leaderboard. 

Thank you and good luck!


  1. @Rob - 34 (40)
  2. @Jack.Holt - 22 (24)
  3. @Jack - 20 (27)
  4. @Kanegan - 20 (23)
  5. @Rjgreeno - 20 (21)
  6. @Rich - 19 (27)
  7. @Mr Tree - 19 (21)
  8. @totoho - 18 (22) 
  9. @hhooo - 15 (16)
  10. @Ian - 14 (20)
  11. @Arzii94 - 14 (15)
  12. @fotakis276718 - 13 (19)
  13. @FuddledFox - 13 (15) 
  14. @George Traistă - 9 (20)
  15. @Schwantz34 - 9 (13)
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11 minutes ago, RichD said:

I like this, I do get FMM’d here and there so at least when I do now I can go on a leaderboard 😁

Yep... and it’s one that you can try to do on purpose too...

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That's a shame, most of my truly abhorrent matches have been 2-1 losses or 1-1 draws, but this will be one to work on! 



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37 minutes ago, hhooo said:

That's a shame, most of my truly abhorrent matches have been 2-1 losses or 1-1 draws, but this will be one to work on! 



Haha. ‘One to work on!’ Brilliant.

11 minutes ago, Woody said:

Its the anti-challenge challenge(sort of).

Great idea Rob 👍

Thanks Woodster.

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13 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

I'm submitting a 9 please, Bob. Bonus points for a 0-3?


Oh just checked the rules, league games only. I could've been a contender.....

Doh! Great attempt though.


2 minutes ago, Ian said:

At least I’ve got something to take from my disastrous VPL week.



‘Well done’... I think.

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22 hours ago, hhooo said:

Found this from last year in my CC save 


Not sure whether this constitutes a cup completion or not, as it’s league game within it. I didn’t include cup due to extra time. So I will include these games.

22 minutes ago, totoho said:

Classic FMMED:



Outstanding work.

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3 minutes ago, Rob said:

Legitimately spent the last ten mins of this game hoping Atletico would score against me. 7DA5F0DC-FCB5-48D4-B3AC-1DFC4530181B.thumb.jpeg.8109c292bf14fd1d2bc55f94a28a9d94.jpeg

That would have taken some beating 😂

I keep forgetting about this in China as I never lose. Which isn’t as much fun as it sounds.

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