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broodje kip

Team Guide: St. Johnstone



St. Johnstone FC is a club located in Perth, Scotland. They just reached the Betfred Cup yesterday and it will be their chance to win it for the first time ever! To celebrate it, I will write a team guide about them.

Board Expectation 


The board aren’t asking much. They need us to finish mid-table. For a league cup finalist, I can expect this would be a somewhat easy target to achieve.

Transfer Budget


This would be your budget if you start as an unknown reputation manager. Surprisingly, you’ll get absolutely no money at the start. Stretching the budget would help but it won’t be anywhere more than £200k.


This would be your budget as world class reputation manager. You’d get a solid £165k and over £300k if you strech the budget to max.

General Info


Their stadium, McDimarid Park got a capacity of 10, 698 seats. They’re ranked as the 8th biggest stadium in Scottish Premiership.

They also got a nice Good/Good facilities at the start.

Key Players:

Jason Kerr


A decent ball playing defender and also the club captain, he often develops very well for me. He’s also capable of playing as defensive midfielder when needed, surely is a very reliable player.

Ali McCan


He’s a very well rounded midfielder with potential to be a great player to play for any top clubs and one of my favourite player to sign in this FMM edition. Despite his modest wage, he’s the club most valuable player.

Michael O’Halloran


He’s capable of playing in both wing and as striker, boasting 15 technique and good technical ability, he’s good enough to be one of the best forward in the league.

Positives and Negatives


We’re financially stable, good amount of technically gifted and loyal players.

On the other hand, our team are one of the oldest in the league, one of the slowest, lack of depth and money and below standard youth facility.

Squad Depth


The most lacking position are the AMC which only have one player, Melamed. The other position are the left back position. We got only 2 players there.

While our most solid position are the central defender where we got 5 players and striker where we got 7 players capable of playing there.


That’s all from me. Thank you to everyone that read this. I hope anyone would be interested to play St. Johnstone in the future 😁

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Recommended Posts

7 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

I'm disappointed that you didnt recommend signing Mikey Johnston or John Stones

I was about to recommend Mikey Johnston but the budget restricted me from doing it 😂

Edited by broodje kip
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2 hours ago, broodje kip said:

I was about to recommend Mikey Johnston but the budget restricted me from doing it 😂

Did you sell the entire first team? Mikey and a bunch of greyed out guys could do it for sure.

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1 minute ago, hhooo said:

Did you sell the entire first team? Mikey and a bunch of greyed out guys could do it for sure.

Mikey Johnston, John Stones and bunch of greyed out 😂

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