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Career The Peakiest Of Years (Complete)


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So I was given a challenge by the man about town @Rob for a triple threat career but not the usual and it goes like this:

  • 3 strikers aged 24 or above;
  • Any club
  • The first five seasons will contribute towards the Peak Years Challenge (which also includes assists)

So of course I was going to say yes and it got me quite excited to be honest. This will coincide with my China career and I will play one season of each in a lovey routine.

The Club


So I wanted to do a challenge in England as it’s generally harder here than other countries in my experience. There was also a player here that’s 24 and will be used.....

Timo Werner


Maxi Gomez


Mousse Dembele 


So the players are there, Dembele wasn’t my first choice for this, I was hoping to bring Gnabry or Marital in, but they wanted an insane amount of money for them. I’m hoping the three will be good enough.

The Target

So ideally this will have been completed in 9 years, which is a 167 goals each year, which is a hell of a lot, but I will try my bloody best to get there! This may be a bit much and I’m unsure if I will reach the target, but I will have fun trying 😁

Thank you for reading chaps, this is going to be a tough one!


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1 hour ago, Rob said:

Lovely! Good to see you give this a go! 

Thank you for giving the challenge, may not be thanking you at the end though 😂

1 hour ago, Ian said:

Good luck. A tough target but you can only give it a go.

Yeah it is, more I think about it, the tougher it sounds, thanks Ian.

53 minutes ago, billy2shots said:

Good luck with this. Some nice players for sure. 



# billy goes and scribbles out another challenge idea from his list of things to do. 

Cheers Billy, you can still give it a go as well 😉

39 minutes ago, Chris said:

Good luck mate. Challenge was made for you and your mental tactics! 

Thanks Christine, I hope I can somehow get close to the target at least.

32 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

That’s a hell of a target to go for, good luck.

Yeah it is, it seems a long way a way now. Thanks Fox.

20 minutes ago, Jsavfc said:

Thats a mental target, although if theres anybody on here that can smash it out of the park....your not one of them 😂 Kidding. Best of luck!!

It is isn’t it! I wasn’t sure where you were going to go and you went that way you cheeky bugger haha. Thanks mate 😁

4 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Ok i think you may have crossed the bridge too far.  Good luck with this though.

I think I may have as well, season 1 should let me know how how the target actually looks. Cheers Kane.

1 minute ago, Rob said:

@RichD some people seem to be doubting your ability to do this: are you feeling the pressure?

Not yet, but the season hasn’t started yet, so I may well feel the pressure if it starts badly! This is what you wanted, the pressure to get to me 😂

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First Transfer Window 

So I won’t be doing this every year, they will be a yearly update. But thought I would show you how I will line up at the start of this challenge.



So I went for more of a youthful selection of players for this challenge in the hope they grow in to world class players. I like a lot of Chelsea’s squad anyway. I have loaned 3 players out who I hope I can get the best out of in season 2. Also worth noting, a few players in reserves are out on loan and stats shoot up in my experience with Chelsea before. It’s crazy how good players go with a simple loan out.

Tactics And Team


The inside forwards are pretty vital in this formation, I always go for players with decent crossing as you’ll be surprised how many crosses they actually get in this formation even with cutting in to do so.

For some reason, Barkleys stats are amazing on this save, maybe it’s since the update? So he goes straight in to my team. He goes lovely next to Kovacic and I think everyone’s favourite in Goretzka.

Zyiech is awesome as well and I’m very happy with him, Bakayoko (very good stats) and Kessie as my second teams midfield. With Loftus Cheek, Havertz (trying to loan him out) and Campuzano as back ups.

The way I play the centre backs have to have good pace which is why I bought Tanganga, he goes good fast in my previous experience. Rudiger, Zouma and Tomori did well last time I was Chelsea so no need to change that.

I forgot to sign a keeper so Kepa and Mandy will do for this season.

First Game 


So things couldn’t have started better tbh. Let’s hope it continues.

I will be reverting to a seasonally update after this, I just wanted to give you an idea of how I’d be approaching this.

Honestly all your comments are so appreciated, thank you.

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6 minutes ago, Jsavfc said:

Interesting using IF, are you not concerned they will steal too many goals from your main three? 

In my experience (worked on this tactic for years) I seems to create so many more chances all round than when I use it with with inside forward than when I use wingers. The inside forwards are closer to the strikers than wingers would be and tend to just play a simple pass to the strikers a lot of the time, they do shoot quite a big bit doesn’t bother me as long as the chances are coming for my strikers. Also I play through the middle so wingers aren’t suited then.  I overcrowd the other team until the submit 😂

Edited by RichD
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3 minutes ago, Dai_ said:

You Sir, are a mad man. You have a very good setup so no doubt you'll smash this. Good luck, fella! 

Cheers Dai! I think after the first season, I think I’ll be able to tell if this was a good idea or not 😂

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8 minutes ago, Rob said:

Loving the setup. That’s a great start too. This could either be brilliant or a wonderful failure.

Cheers Rob! Yeah I’m not sure what way this will go, hopefully a good peak years score though! 

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Some nice business done. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Kessié as he always shows up in my searches yet I never end up going for him for some reason. I’m using him myself now with Milan as I kind of had to and he’s doing alright.

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1 minute ago, Ian said:

Some nice business done. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Kessié as he always shows up in my searches yet I never end up going for him for some reason. I’m using him myself now with Milan as I kind of had to and he’s doing alright.

Cheers Ian! Yeah I normally look at him and think Na I won’t bother until recently and had him in one save and he turned out very good and quite quickly. I’m hoping the same happens on this one. He’s started fairly well even though I play him CM so they don’t do anything spectacular but keep the team solid.

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8 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Great challenge to try mate and nice set of players. Kessie has always been awesome for me, brilliant midfielder.

Thank you Smog! Yeah he’s done well for me in a previous save, hopefully it happens again. 

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So this isn’t a season update, had a busy day. But this just shows what an inside forward can do 😯


Will be back tonight hopefully with a full season update 😁

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Season 1

So usually you get a season every day, but had a busy day yesterday, managed to finish season 1 last night. But was too tired to post last night, poor me 😥




So actually a bit of business done in January as well, Oscampos and Strakosha come in and strengthen us. But with Villa and Hagi improving a hell of a lot out on Loan, Oscampos won’t be in the team next season I don’t think!




So incredible first season, I’m not quite using the goal bonanza now, I made a few changes and ohhh booooy did they make things even more fun, I’d be interesting to see how many goals I could get in my Celtic season now. Big shout out to Bristol Rovers reaching the carabao cup final. Also I need to stop conceding as many I think.




So I think I’ll give you my fixtures every season, so you can see how many goals actually go in and consistently. It’s like I’m in China again? 

Stand Out Games



I could have put a few more in here tbh 😂

Manager Profile



So a brilliant GPG record which I shall be submitting in due course. We need to bring that goals conceded down though.

The Boys


So a pretty good first season especially with the fixture congestion. I feel like they should have got more considering there awesome injury record of not being injured. That won’t continue forever. Also my inside forwards proving there worth with an incredible amount of assists.

The Boys Stats



Not huge improvements, but they look good, Werner hasn’t had any improvements though!



So I am doing the peak years as well, but I’ll be adding that up at the end of season 5 or I will just overly get confused 😂

Thanks for reading and your comments are so very welcome here.

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27 minutes ago, Dai_ said:

Tired? What's that? 😜 So negative. 🤣

That's a great start, my man! 👍

Haha I know, I’m used to WHF being easy, not been so easy this year so far 😂

Cheers Dai 😁

21 minutes ago, Rob said:

Excellent start pal. That’s a belter for first season of EPL! 

Cheers Rob! I couldn’t believe some games, they were battering teams. Hopefully things go stronger from here.

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