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Career badge 1 - Hurri-Kane in Sonny- London


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Hi Folks, 

Creating a thread of my attempt at the badge 1 - deadly duo Harry Kane and Heung Son. 


It was sonny day in London... 



But then came a Hurri-kane! 




It looked like Spurs are going to go all in for the Domestic treble and to top it - Europa leagues was also on cards. 

But just like in real life, it was just another trophy less season. 

Finishing 3rd in league, getting knocked out early in Carabao and FA cup. But there was a little hope - Europa league. 

And to much dismay - ended up just like how the prior European final was against Liverpool. Boring and no goals. 


- Stuart Dallas from Leeds 

- Marcelo Brozovic from Inter 

- Jordan Pickford from Everton 

- Soyuncu from Leicester 

and a couple of loan moves from Barca and Madrid's B teams. 

Overall, a decent season. (only in terms of goal-scoring) 






First season results: 



Early exits was one reason for the duo to not play many games and another was injuries, which led them to miss the most crucial game - Europa League final. 



Lets see how the second season go!! 

So far, score: 

Kane: 52 goals and 7 assists - 59 pts

Sonny: 45 goals and 48 assists - 93 pts 

Season 1: 152 pts 


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Season 2 update: 


Strengthen some key positions and added depth. Also, got in some quality free signings and one former Spurs legend. 


Sold a lot of deadwood, leaving a balanced squad: 




Decent season to be honest - performed well in CC eventually winning it. 





Champions league 

Did a lot of giant killing and really gave me vibes of 2018 CL of how spurs reached finals. Even met Man city and got past by fine margins. 




FA cup: 

Is it me or does everyone here gets a bit of their dopamine up when Liverpool is beaten in any comp :P  Crushed them on our way to winning the FA cup! 



Finally the league... won it quite handsomely 



Boys' performance: 

Sonny's performance is slightly underwhelming maybe coz of the injuries that happened in between. Harry was just being fine. 



Season 2: 

Kane : 63g + 13a: 76 pts 

Son: 44g + 42a: 86pt 

Total: 162 pts 

S1 + S2 = 314 pts 

Quite okayish score - could've done better but still happy! 

Let me know where I stand on the LB :)


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8 hours ago, Ian said:

Great start. Those Europa league games can be utterly brilliant.

thanks! yes, indeed

had most fun while playing those... goals after goals :) 

added 0 minutes later
8 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Great start that mate. 

Thanks Broodje

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11 hours ago, Rob said:

Love the graphics. Great stuff. 

Haha! thought of being a little creative this time instead of just posting screenshots :P

glad you liked them. thank you! 

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11 hours ago, RichD said:

Great season that mate and I’m sure this will be a very high score 👍

Thanks for the encouraging words, RichD! have posted my season 2 update - its quite decent. Satisfied!

Had fun while playing 

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