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Tactics Danish’s “unorthodox AP?” remastered


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Hello and welcome again fellow Vibers, last year I made a real giant killing tactic on FMM 20, I’m back with a remastered version of it. If you didn’t know about it, here’s the link:



I’ve been making it all over the VPL and come up with this.

Roles and Formation


Slightly tweaked from my previous version, we went a little more enthusiastic with the roles. We have both full backs pushed up and one of them playing as Inverted-Wing Back. We also have Libero instead of BPD. Roaming Playmaker instead of advanced and Deep-Lying Forward intead of Pressing/Defensive Forward.

Shape Instructions


We’re going more cautious during the build up especially when we have a Libero supporting. Can’t let our CD defend alone.

Defence Instructions


While we’re playing balanced, I’m trying to make sure they get more players inside our box so that we’ll be able to counter them more effectively.

Attacking Instructions


Same logic with my Catenaccio tactic, we are the underdog and we need to give players freedom to choose what’s the best option while attacking.

Result - Sheffield United




Some of the most notable matches would be draw against Man United, Tottenham and Everton and twice win against Arsenal


Thanks for reading 😁

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6 minutes ago, Cziffra said:

Interesting tactic. I wonder how does this fare as compared to the earlier version of your tactic (which worked wonders last year)?

It seems to be working almost the same with the right players

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Just now, broodje kip said:

It seems to be working almost the same with the right players

That is good to know. I have yet to try the newer version.

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1 hour ago, Mauricio Pochettino said:

if i use liverpool what tactics i could use


There’s quite a lot of tactics made with Liverpool. You can have a look but I suggest 4-3-3

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3 hours ago, Mauricio Pochettino said:

if i use liverpool what tactics i could use


The Liverpool squad is that good plus they start with loads of money to improve it further that you could probably get almost any tactic on the site to work with them if you tweak the squad a bit.

You can find the tactics that have been posted on the site listed here.


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