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Career Quest Begins - Badge 1 - Complete


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Quest Begins to Collect them all..

Concept by @Rob.. Link down below


Badge 1

For this badge we go to North London to take control of club that never wins a trophy - Spurs.


Season 1 of 2 :


Pre-Season see us make a move for one of the most sought after midfielder (which we ironically play as a left winger) - Jack Grealish from Aston Villa for £50M as our only signing.

Pre-Season results were very underwhelming considering this a scoring challenge.


First Half (Aug 2020 to Dec 2020)

A decent showing in the first half means we are well placed to get a good score this challenge and get a badge barring a long term injury.


Mid Season Score - Goals 43 Assists 16

Targets left for Badge - Goals 57 Assists 34

Winter Transfer Window

We lose Moussa Sissoko - our backup midfielder, so we need to make a move for one of the most exciting young midfielder - Eduardo Camavinga from Rennes for £54M.


Second Half (Jan 2021 to May 2021)

A lacklustre showing from duo means we get less returns in back half of the season, fortunately only injury to Son was during international break for 10 days, means both guys complete the season with 59 games.


Season 1 Score - Goals 80 Assists 28

Target Left for Badge - Goals 20 Assists 22

Season End Review 

The age-old question in the North London - Did we win anything, answer is unfortunately no. We lost in the final of the Carabao Cup to Manchester City and disappointment in Europe as we lost to Inter in Second Round. Also, Liverpool secured their second title in a row and we came in 3rd scoring only 65 goals in the league.


Personal Awards

Harry Kane won World Footballer of the Year and Tied with Salah for Premier League Golden Boot with 27 Goals.

So, let’s raise a glass hoping for a better season in the North London in 2021.. Cheers!

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Season 2 Update

Loanees of last Season going out means we need to go shopping for a Right Winger. After failed attempt to land Koman, we settled on getting Jesús Corona from FCP for £57M.
Another disappointing pre-season for our lead pair though.
First Half (Aug 2021 to Dec 2021)
Really disappointing performance in the first half meant we are at the risk of losing Assists challenge.
positive thing about the first half though - On November 24, 2021 we completed Goals challenge for the duo.
Mid Season Score - Goals 29 Assists 9
Target left for Badge - Goals 0 Assists 13
Winter Transfer Window
Due to losing Reguilon to Manchester United and some long term injuries, we need reinforcements at wing backs. So, we go out and gather Phillip Max (from PSV for £27.5M), Zeki Çelik (from LOSC for £40M) and Nuno Mendes (from Sporting for £70M).
Second Half (Jan 2022 to May 2022)
3 months without assists means we were running it really close to complete Assists challenge - completing it on the second last game of the season.
Really bad second half returns from the duo again pulls our score down.
Season 2 Score - Goals 58 Assists 22
Badge Complete..!
Final Score - Goals 138 Assists 50 - 188
Season End Review 
Did we win anything? Yes we snatched premier league from Liverpool on the last day of the campaign completing revenge for knocking us out of Champions Cup.
Personal Awards
Harry Kane - Golden Boot (Premier League)
Flex Brendt - Manager of the Year (Premier League)
Thank you for reading!
@Rob Please add me to leaderboard.
See you all on the next Quest..! Cheers!
Edited by Flex Brendt
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4 hours ago, RichD said:

Well done mate on getting your first badge in, great effort👍

Thank You 😬

3 hours ago, Ian said:

First badge collected very efficiently. Congratulations.

Efficiency.. Not sure on that, was sweating a lot  to complete assist challenge 😂

24 minutes ago, Chris said:

Well done mate. Good luck for the others


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