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Career Quest Continues - Badge 2


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On our badge journey, we arrive in the city of Barcelona, where we challenge the “The Fabled Last Dance” gym leader to earn our second badge.

Challenge Link by @Scratch below, 



This badge united 3 of the most decorated forwards in world football to challenge for the La Liga trophy, can they do it? Or will it be another fabled flop - Just like Angel Di Maria at Manchester United. Let’s find out.


I cancelled our both pre-season friendlies to avoid stupid injuries to the old man. Neymar and Suarez come in (duh..!) along with Divock Origi as a backup Striker.

First Half (Aug 2020 to Dec 2020)

Unlike Spurs(during badge 1), Barcelona is a much better team, meaning we crushed everyone except surprise loss to Lazio in Champions League, which culminated in Liverpool being eliminated in Group Stage.

In terms of our Expensive Trio, Messi was the leader of the lot, with Neymar lagging behind the most.


Mid Season Score - Messi 25, Suarez 21, Neymar 13

Target Left for Badge - Messi 5, Suarez 9, Neymar 17.

Final Question before the Winter Transfer Window, how are we doing in the league? Answer, pretty decent.. unbeaten after Away draw in Classico and clear of Real Madrid by 2 points at the top.


Decent start for the first half of this badge, but as we know from the experiences of Badge 1.. Start of Second Half of the season means Struggle and with Neymar needing 17, we need big effort from the Actor to complete the badge.

Second Half Update Soon! Till that.. Cheers! 

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Nice start! Neymar is a funny one, because based on age etc, he should be the best of the three over the course of the year (as the other two will deteriorate) and he's great for some people and terrible for others! Hope he gets the 17 you need.

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