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Tactics Helping a dinosaur :)!


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Hello fellow vibers.

im not much a lone striker-kind of guy. But when its what i got, and i have good crossers that can assist him. How would you guys do this?

and another question . Has anyone in the forum used inside wingers and then having your wbs running to make the cross :)?

i have taken KaiserLautern from german 3 Bundesliga to becomming 2nd in the first season in Bundesliga . This with 35 different tactical setups 😂😂😂

best regards Anders 




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I was actually just thinking of trying something very similar to this with IW’s and WB’s at Real with Ronaldo as the loan striker. If I do I’ll report back on my findings. 

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I'm really liking IWs with wing backs right now, but you're going to want the guys in the middle of the field to stay back more often. Maximum one AP or RP. Cm/dlp/bwm are your friends here. 

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1 hour ago, AndersJ said:

Thank you. But Will I have enough firepower to win the games then :)?

If your striker and defenders are good enough, sure! 

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