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Chat Need Advice on Which Club to Join?

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Hey Guys, I wanted to get Advice from this wonderful community about a job offer I received. 

Job Offer :

Club: Real Betis

Position: 17th in La Liga

Expectations: European Qualification

Budget: 68.78 Million


My Current Club :

Club: Crystal Palace

Current Position: 3rd in EPL

Time at the Club: 2nd Season


Please note that I don't have any favourite between these two and I want to go on top as a manager and also manage top clubs. Thanks and looking forward to your suggestions.

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After a great start with Palace I think you should stick it out, if you finish high with Palace, bigger clubs than Betis will come in for you 😁

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Thanks Guys After your wonderful suggestions I kept my Palace job and after 18 games Palace was still at 3rd. Then I got a job from MönchenGladbach and I took it because I like that club and I ended up finishing fourth in the league defeating Bayern in the DFB-Pokal Final and Ended up winning it and Defeating Real Madrid in the Final of the Europa League. I achieved so much with MönchenGladbach and will continue here my next goal is to mount some serious challenge for the league and champions league. Once again thanks so much for your suggestions. 

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