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Chat Last minute equalizers

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sorry if this is discussed elsewhere but i feel I can't be the only person who exp[eriences this.

I am getting frustrated by the guaranteed last minute equalizer, if i'm two goals up I might win, but if i'm one up there will always be a last minute equalizier.

I've tried going defenbsive and counter

I've tgried subbing as many tgired players as possible, am i the only person who suffers this?  what does everyone else do against it?



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Just started with FMM21 since last week and I have to agree. Defenitely more late equalizers than in past editions. Can't find a solution, so just sticking with a more balanced tactic at the end of the game. 

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i would highly recommend NOT shutting up shop - it's basically pointless. i learned this on an early challenge here when i just wanted goals for my player, so hanging on was useless, and it made the end of games so much more bearable. sometimes it goes against you, but i think i've had more go FOR me than the other way around. it happens in football so you can't eliminate it. the one thing i will do, quite often, is if there's a chance to change it in 90th minute / injury time, i'll go to Control and Disciplined, and turn Time Wasting on. (i've started experimenting with Time Wasting from 80th minute and it seems useful too... just anything that reduces the amount of opportunities the other team has to get forward)... and i LOVE making a sub right at the end too, cos it chews clock some more - sometimes if you're at 92:20 with +4 and you make a sub, the whole process winds down the clock so much that when the game restarts, it almost immediately gets the full-time whistle...

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Haven’t had it much often. I learned to not change my tactic when I’m winning and not even while losing 1-0 or 2-0. Only if 3+ goals margin.

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I do it less and less nowadays as my tactics are becoming more gung-ho but what used to work for me was Contain, Narrow, Slow, Disciplined, Deep line, Sit back, Cautious. This works wonders in the last 10 mins of a game. I didn't use time wasting as I used to find the GK and CBs cost us goals more often than not by staying on the ball too long and getting caught out. 

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Last kick of the game and it was their first shot. I was testing a new tactic and had won the first 18 PL games... 



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