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Career Attempting the Create a club legend challenge

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Hey everyone, after scrolling through some of the new and fantastic challenges on the forums I saw a great new challenge by @FuddledFox 

This challenge excited me as it would allow me to manage in the A-League for a challenge so without further ado let’s take a look at the club chosen. The aim for this challenge is to achieve a better goals per game ratio than the club’s all time record goal scorer, while also beating their goal total.

Western Sydney Wanderers


That’s right I have chosen the 3rd youngest club in the A-League, the Western Sydney Wanderers. As such for this challenge I will be aiming to beat Brendon Santalab’s (pictured below) total of 41 goals in 114 games, which works out to be a target goals per game ratio of 0.35964912.  


In terms of who will be scoring the goals, I have picked another Australian, as required by the challenge. The striker in question is an Australian international who has won both the AFC Champions League and the Asian Cup.



Time for you to guess, leave your guesses in the comments

Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.

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Season 1

The Big Reveal

Before delving into how the season went, it’s time to reveal the striker who will be looking to beat Brendon Santalab’s GpG of 0.35964912. That man is... Tomi Juric


Without further ado lets get into Season 1







A decent season overall though a run of 3 draws in 3 games had me a bit nervous about getting sacked, as we all know how reactionary the A.I can be regarding form.



Fixtures and Stats



The Player

Tomi Juric


Goals Scored: 27

Goals remaining: 15

Current GpG: 1.08

Target GpG: 0.35964912

Overall a great season for Juric, with his 27 goals putting us in prime position to complete this challenge in 2 seasons. 

Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.

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21 hours ago, Rich said:

Interesting one, never managed in the A-League, good luck mate 😁


18 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Interesting mate. I’ve only managed in Australia twice I think and it’s quite fun. Good luck!


1 minute ago, Rob said:

Well done 

Thanks guys 👍

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Season 2

After a fantastic first season, could Tomi Juric keep up the goal scoring and become a Western Sydney Wanderers club legend?



A couple of bargains to strengthen the squad and provide some much needed creativity after Meier and Weilandt left



Sloppy start to the season with the the Wanderers sitting in 2nd place, though only the goals matter at this point in the challenge

Asian Champions League


A good performance in the group stages secures our spot in the next round 

Fixtures and Stats



The Player

Tomi Juric


Tomi decided that he would like to miss a game thanks to an early red card, along with deciding he wanted to convert only 1 shot of his 5 on target instead of scoring the final goal he needed.



Goal number 14


Goal Number 15



Goals Scored 47

Goals Remaining 0

GpG 1.05

Overall, this half season was great, 15 in 15 sees us finish the challenge with a GpG of 1.05, smashing Brendon Santalab’s GpG of 0.35964912. 

Ultimately this challenge was great fun and credit must go to @FuddledFox for creating yet another fantastic challenge and thanks to all who left a comment.

Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.

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13 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

First name on the leaderboard, well done.

Thanks mate, thanks for the great challenge


10 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Well done mate.

Thanks mate

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