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Career Badge 6: Ronaldo’s year?


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Hi all

Taking a short break from my 1k challenge, I decided to try my tactic in another challenge. As the aim of my tactic is to score many goals with one player, it would make sense to try the Ronaldo challenge (Badge 6). I have finished the first season. So here we go. 



August 2020 - December 2020

Transfers and team

Made a lot of transfers. Many familiar faces from my Bayern save. Part of me think, that they should know the tactic already 🙈
Main focus was on wingbacks and wingers with good crossing abilities such as Robertson, Saka, Hakimi, James, Coman and Bailey. 
Another focus was to upgrade the midfield. Here I chose Brozovic, Goretzka and Camavinga. 



Below you can see my first team. Initially I though Coman would be my first choice on the right wing, but he had a couple of injuries, which meant that his crossing ability dropped to 14. Therefor Daniel James (20 in crossing at the end of season 1) took his place. Also Casemiro was playing one of the central midfielders from the start, but was quickly overtaken by Camavinga. 




Our main goal in the fall was to go through in the Champions League and stay close to the top of the league. And we succeeded. We won our Champions League group over Chelsea, Atalanta and Ajax, and were top of the league neck and neck with Barcelona.


I told Ronaldo that his only job until January were to avoid injuries. But like in real life he could not stop scoring. 36 goals in 21 games, which is 1,7 goals per game. 



January 2021 - May 2021

Ronaldo started the year on fire 🔥. He scored 11 goals in the first 3 games. Including 5 goals against Bilbao and a hattrick in the Super Cup against Barcelona. Ofcourse he could not maintain this ratio. 




Managed to win the league in a close race with Barcelona. Secured the title with a draw against Barca in gameweek 37. 
I also won the Super Cup over Barca as seen above.

I lost 3-2 in both the Spanish Cup final (Barca) and the Champions League final (Man Utd). Note that Bale of all people scored in the cup final (for Barca). 
All in all a fine season, as my main focus was goals from Ronaldo.  



Ronaldo and Team stats

Ronaldo ended up as top scorer in both the league (54 goals, beating Messi’s record of 50 goals) and Champions League (25 goals). He made a total of 95 goals in 59 games (1,6 goals per game), which meant his goals ratio dropped a bit from the first half of the season. I think (hope) that this is due to the tight schedule in the second half of the season. 
His attributes have not declined much yet, which is great. As long as his shooting and arial ability do not drop much he should be okay. 
In Ronaldo’s spirit I have added screenshots of all his awards...
As for the rest of the team the best players was Ramos, Ødegaard (👀) and Robertson. Main assisters were not surprisingly Bailey, James and Coman. 




So if my calculations are correct Ronaldo’s numbers from January to May were 59 goals in 38 games (1,55 goals per game). This means that he is 19 goals short of Messi, which should be possible. 
Thanks for reading. Comments are always appreciated. 







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Well what a start mate, that is fantastic, hopefully just a matter of time before you get that badge now 😁

Dan James is ridiculous on the game as well isn’t he 😂

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15 hours ago, Rich said:

Well what a start mate, that is fantastic, hopefully just a matter of time before you get that badge now 😁

Dan James is ridiculous on the game as well isn’t he 😂

Thanks mate. Yes, Dan James is incredible. 20 in crossing, 16 in dribbling and 18 in pace. What's not to like. 

15 hours ago, Rob said:

Wonderful start and definitely doable. 🤞 

Thanks mate. Yeah should be If he avoids injuries.

11 hours ago, Chris said:

Your 1k tactic is incredible mate. Smashing this challenge to pieces! Kiu

Thanks mate.

9 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Impressive start that mate.

Thanks mate.

2 hours ago, Arzii94 said:

You sold Bale to Barca? 🥳😂

Yes, I did. He played only 4 games in the first season, scoring 1 goal (against me of course).

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