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Challenges The League Standards Challenge


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The League Standards Challenge

Hidden away at the bottom of the World menu is the League Standards button which gives you a list of how the top flights in Europe rate. It’s not a place I look very often but it has inspired me to make this challenge.

At the start of a save this is the top 6 leagues in European Football and these are the nations you will use during this challenge even if another league enters the top 6 during the save.


This challenge, which lasts 6 seasons, involves you managing a club in one of those 6 top flights and every season building a squad made up solely of players from one of the leagues on the list until you have used all 6 leagues over the 6 seasons. You have to do each league individually so it isn’t a mix and match of players from each league but that you do each league individually. 

As an example.

  • You choose to manage Barcelona  
  • Season 1 you use players from the Spanish top flight.
  • Season 2 you go for England.
  • Season 3 you use players from Serie A clubs.
  • Season 4 you go for players from Portugal’s top division.
  • Season 5 You use players from Bundesliga clubs.
  • Season 6 you use players from the French top flight.

Each season you will be awarded points for team performance but also each season has two tasks which are worth bonus points. The first task is to sign players from at least 10 different clubs each season and then every season has an individual task which I list below.

Clarifications and Rules

Make sure you give this section a good read over so that you know exactly what you can and cannot do during this challenge.

  • You can manage any club from one of the top 6 leagues at the start of the game. You must stay at that club for the whole duration of the save and if you are sacked it’s game over.
  • You must use the six leagues in the top 6 at the start of the save even if another league enters the top 6 during your save.
  • You can load any combination of the 6 leagues but remember you will have a limited pool of players from the two leagues you don’t load so consider this carefully.
  • Each season you must rebuild a new squad made up of players from clubs in each league (top flights only) from the list of 6. Each season you must use players from a different league so that after 6 seasons you have used players from every single league on the list.
  • You can do the league your club is based in first meaning you can keep players you start with in the squad for season 1. You must cancel any loans of players not from the league you are playing in though or demote them if it’s a loan that can’t be cancelled.
  • The players from the previous season must be sold, loaned out or demoted and never play for the first team again.
  • You cannot use the same player twice during the save even if they have signed for another club in a league you haven’t completed yet. This includes buying back players you sold in season 1 before they played a match.
  • Your first team squad can never be more than 25 players in size. You cannot use players from the reserve team at any point.
  • You can sign players in the summer and winter transfer windows so long as they come from the correct league and you never have more than 25 players in your first team at any point.
  • You can complete the 6 leagues in any order you want over the 6 seasons.
  • The players you sign must be at a club in that league when they sign for you and can be either bought outright or signed on loan. You cannot sign someone who was out of contract who was at a club in that league before there contract ran out but you can sign players on a pre contract so they sign for free when there contract expires so long as they are coming from a club in the correct league.
  • Players on loan at another club count as being from the league of there parent club and so can only be signed if that club is from the league you are using that season.
  • No unlockables unless earned in the save.
  • No edited DB’s, IGE, reloading or cheating in any way.
  • Proof is needed so the best thing to do is start a career thread on here so we can follow along.



There are basic points available in this save based on team performance in all competitions and then you can earn bonus points every season based on completing certain tasks which vary from season to season.

Basic Points: This information can be found in your manager history.

3pts for every win in all competitions.

1pt for every draw in all competitions.

+/- your goal difference in all competitions.


Bonus Points

These points are available in addition to the basic points and will be awarded if you complete the tasks each season. If you don’t complete the tasks the career carries on but obviously you don’t get the extra points.

Individual Club Bonus Points - Worth 20 points (these are available each season): Sign players from 10 or more different clubs from your chosen league during the season.

Each season has its own task as well which are worth some very generous points.

Season 1 Task - Worth 50 points: As a team concede 0.5 goals per game or less and score more than 2 goals per game in all competitions. This information can be found in your manager profile and then press view and choose percentage statistics.

Season 2 Task - Worth 50 points: Have 6 or more players score 20 goals or more in all competitions. A maximum of 3 of the players can be strikers but at least three cannot have any green in the striker role.

Season 3 Task - Varied number of points: You need to get 100pts league points or more if managing in England, France, Italy and Spain or 90pts league points or more in Germany and Portugal and if you do those league points will be halved to give your bonus points. So in the Premier League if you score 101pts in this season you will get 50.5 bonus points.

Season 4 Task - Worth 50 points: Have a defender and midfielder score a combined 50 goals in all competitions with each of them having scored at least 10 of them. The defender must be natural (light green) as either a CB or FB and not be green any further forwards than the defensive midfield strata (DM, WBL/R) at any point during the season. The midfielder must be natural as a CM or WM and cannot have any green as a striker at any point during the season.

Season 5 Task - Worth 50 points: You must not fail to win more than 3 games all season in all competitions. You will need your manager profile from the end of season 4 and the end of season 5 to prove this or show all your seasons results.

Season 6 Task - Worth a varied amount of points: Have a player both score 30 goals and get 30 assists in all competitions. If he achieves this you get his total goals and assists as points so 50 goals and 30 assists would be worth 80 points.



Any questions then just ask and if you give this a go then have fun.

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